Kia Picanto 2012 first photos released

Kia Picanto 2012 first photos released

Kia Motors has released the first official photos of the next-generation 2012 Picanto “city car” featuring the firm’s latest corporate styling.

The 2012 Kia Picanto has grown in overall length and wheelbase, and will be exclusively available as a 5-door hatchback for markets such as the UAE. However, a 3-door version will also be offered in Europe.

The only engines mentioned so far are all-new 1.0-litre and 1.2-litre units. More will be known when the Picanto is officially unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2011.

Keep track of updates in the Kia Picanto buyer guide.

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  1. real cutie…

  2. I hate KIA becuase I had a bad experience with their cars. The whole engine had to be replaced on a 2002 Carnival. Decided not to go fot this brand again. BTW, I sold this car for cheaper than a remote controlled car to a garage. The idea that I changed the engine just pissed me off. Come on, get more mechanically reliable KIA. Do not lose customers just by making cheap cars.

  3. Kia have good external designs but the machine inside is crap! Sorry to hear about your car Abdullah. My friend had a similar issue but he had trouble with his transmission. Luckily for him, the problem occured just with in the warranty period.

  4. ^ Maybe you was misfortunate and your engine had issues.. Kias and hyundais from the past 10 years have been quite reliable as japanese cars.. I own a hyundai and know people and family that own kias and hyundais.. They are a bargain and cost cheaper than japanese..

  5. I don’t think Picanto should even exist. At least, not as a 5 door ‘family’ car. Being in the A-segment, a 3 door would make some sense. Even better, a sort of sporty hot-hatch or a small 3-door coupé (something along the lines of Mazda’s MX-5). Kia is trying to portray a matured image towards the world. Making cramped family cars for the sake of revenue from Asian countries, won’t help in building their image.

  6. ^ they’re selling like hot cakes, whatsoever..

  7. No ROJ, the garage I went to deals with KIA owners in Qatar, and he is very experienced in this brand. He says that he had many similar cases of KIA Carnevals getting issues with the engines. Issues are like water leakage into the engine oil! Have you ever heard of this, and problems with the bistons.

    The guy knows what he was saying, and his garage was full of KIAs waiting for maintenance from major issues. I am not corrupting the image of KIA, but this is the truth. This brand have never been, and will never be any reliable. I spent on that KIA more that QAR 35000 to fix its various issues.

  8. ^ Thats a head gasket failure, it happens but the gasket seems to be failing on its own in that case, probably poor quality control.. Looks like the engine gasket on the carnival engines is faulty.. I dont like 2.7 engines of hyundai and kia they dont seem well refined..

  9. Those are the issues of the previous generation Kia’s .
    U ought give them a chance with these models

  10. Well KIA is dominating in Europe & in UAE its the Sportage which has the most no sales.

  11. Yea. It’s 2011. It’s been eight-ish years since that Carnival was assembled. 🙂

  12. Yes give Kia a chance but get it with extended warranty and sell before the warranty expires!

  13. Came across some real-world pictures of the new Picanto in what seems to be a Korean showroom. And they get rear disc brakes in their home market! It is really a stunning design when you consider what the Picanto currently is.

  14. It looks similar to Tata Nano from the front. It should give good competition to Chevy Spark and Hyundai i10, btw is i10 available in Middle East Market??

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