Abu Dhabi dealer offers Rolls-Royce 'Arizona Sun' Ghost

Abu Dhabi dealer offers Rolls-Royce ‘Arizona Sun’ Ghost

Abu Dhabi Motors has announced the arrival of the ‘Arizona Sun’ Ghost. The first Ghost commissioned to be released in the ‘Arizona Sun’ exterior colour, this Rolls-Royce was sold directly upon arrival to the showroom in Umm Al Nar.

The design reflects “the smouldering hues of the Arizona desert coupled with the black contrast of its tan leather interior.”

The Bespoke Programme, which has the highest global uptake in this region and has been especially successful in Abu Dhabi. It is a service offered to Rolls-Royce clients whereby the client may specify features of the car, in order to create one’s own unique model. The Bespoke team at Goodwood is dedicated to finding new paints, materials and engineering solutions in order to find new ways to develop these custom cars in England.

For specs and prices, visit the Rolls-Royce buyer guide.

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  1. The best looking, most comfortable car in its class in the planet. Good engines too. I like you do you like me?

  2. Mash, any news about the 2011 SAAB 96 coming to the Middle East. I am planning to buy a new car and confused between the Infiniti M37s, the SAAB 96 but the new model, and the VW Passat CC.

    What do you think about the above, and what abou the SAAB 96 particularly?

  3. Sorry SAAB 95 not 96.

  4. Author

    I dunno what Saab here is doing since GM ditched ’em. The Infiniti is the trouble-free one.

  5. The craftsmanship of the interior of this car just makes you skip a heart beat…

  6. beautiful car but hularious colors. why would people do this to cars???????????????????

  7. ^ This car is very beautiful and those colors are great to have. They are young and for young people.

    This car is also available in other colors like white, black and silver, but its just the matter of taste and the age of the buyer.

    Rolls Royce are targeting a wide variety of customers with this car as they are not just made for people above 60.

  8. fahad,

    you re right, i understand.

    nevertheless, in my humble opinion cars fit best with certain colors and these ones definitely do not fit in my eyes!

    it is the same with the range rovers that u see here from time to time that are painted in bright red, orange and all that stuff. pure pain to watch..

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