Chevrolet Sonic 2012 replaces the Aveo

Chevrolet Sonic 2012 replaces the Aveo

Chevrolet recently revealed the Sonic, which is a replacement for the Chevrolet Aveo. The 2012 Chevrolet Sonic will have two body styles: as a four door sedan and a five-door hatchback.

At first glance, the five-door model looks like a three-door hatch because the rear door handles are discreetly located in the “C”-pillar area. The rear of the five-door continues with unconventional details, including exposed, motorcycle-inspired rear taillamps. Chrome grille surrounds and matte black honeycomb grille inserts is found on all models, and optional 17-inch alloy wheels can be added as well.

The interior includes storage compartments in the center stack and doors. The rear seats fold flat for carrying larger items. Front bucket seats are standard and heated front seats are available.

Chevrolet Sonic models are powered by small-displacement engines, the Ecotec 1.4-litre turbo and the Ecotec 1.8-litre – the same engines used in the new Chevrolet Cruze. Three transmissions are available: a five-speed manual and six-speed automatic with the 1.8-litre and a six-speed manual with the 1.4-litre turbo.

The Ecotec 1.4-litre turbo’s power ratings are estimated at 138 horsepower and 200Nm of torque between 1,850 rpm and 4,900 rpm.

The naturally aspirated Ecotec 1.8-litre engine has many of the same features of the Ecotec 1.4-litre turbo. Its two-stage variable intake manifold allows approximately 90 percent of peak torque to be available from 2,400 rpm to 6,500 rpm. It is estimated at 135 horsepower, along with 167Nm of torque at 3,800 rpm.

Engineers who also work on the Corvette tuned the Sonic’s ride and handling. All models feature a MacPherson strut front suspension with coil springs and stabilizer bar, and a semi-independent, torsion beam axle-mount compound link-type rear suspension – featuring a robust, tubular V-shape beam – with gas-charged shocks.

Electronic power steering is standard and features a wear compensator that continually adjusts the system interaction with the steering gear to ensure precise steering action over the life of the system.

Comprehensive safety features include 10 standard air bags and electronic brake force distribution. Power-assisted front disc and rear drum brakes are standard and a four-channel ABS system is available.

It will probably still be called the Chevrolet Aveo for the UAE, Saudi Arabia and GCC regions. Expect to see it on the roads of Dubai and Abu Dhabi by the end of the year.

Keep track of UAE updates in the Chevrolet Aveo buyer guide.

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  1. This is an amazing new design to replace the miserable Aveo. Is this based on the Cruze’s platform? The wheelbase seems to be rather long. But it looks good and should create more space for rear-seat-passengers. Both, hatchback and sedan look good (I like the hatch better though) and that speedometer and tachometer design is kinda clever, making it look less cluttered in the limited space available on the dash.

  2. corvette has nothing called handling.

  3. wow looks cool, ebd and abs and wow, 10 airbags in a compact that will b one nice soft, cushy crash if it atcually works

  4. ^^^ Alvin, GM in general has nothing called handling.

    All American cars, from my personal experience, are stable and strong on straight lines, but when are taken to corners, they are hopeless and scary.

    I have owned an Escalade, A Taho, and driven my cousin’s Yukon, all the same, no handling at all.

    Also, the worst thing is, when you drive them at speeds above 120, and you activate the cruise control, the system will not be able to display the speed digitally, you have to look it on the speedometer, which is not accurate.

    If your speed is 80, the speedometer is 85. You can see this on the speedometer and compare the reading with the cruise control reading. What an aweful engineering package these American manufacturers are doing!!!

  5. ^^I believe shafiq has booked one already! 😉

  6. Who the hell designed this? Look at those Big 4 eyes staring at you. If it was a kids paddle car it’ll look more reasonable..

  7. I own an escalade ( not even a year old) and OK with the handling but I do agree with Abdullah to a certain extent that American cars are crap.

    I always have some issues with it first there was vibration ( liberty changed the tyres 2 times free of cost before it was ok). Then the driver side mirror was vibrating a lot to such ane xtent that I cud not use it( Again dealer replaced it free of cost say it is a frequent problem with this model beacuse they have not lined the mirror with rubber and air goes in at high speeds damaging the actuator). Now the under side is rusting wonder what the dealer will say .

    Just tired want to sell this and have peace of mind might go for a land cruiser or something.

    • GM was somehow like 5-7 years behind other carmkers in the 80s-90s.. They had a hardtime making decent compact cars and up to date technologies.. Their build quality was also Chinese car like back in those days.. You can say they are way better than what they were in.. Thanks to Daewoo, Opel (which is now sold) and Holden.. Which most of GM’s products are based on..
      Escalades and Tahoes are still old fashioned proper american SUVs with pushrod engines (correct me if im wrong)..

  8. I PURCHASE Chevrolet Sonic 2012, GOOD RIDE, LOOK RANGO(mexican), COCKPIT & CABIN very good. Did you have one??

  9. Can Any Body Know The Price of The Care

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