Scientist builds motor running on air

Scientist builds motor running on air

A scientist from Uruguay showed off his invention at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. Apparently it’s a motorcycle that is fueled by air.

Inventor Armando Regusci’s patented motor, basically uses compressed air to run and there is certainly no shortage of air in the world; and the best part is air is completely free. He claims he has tested the engine on cars and motorcycles and have recorded mileages of over 100 kilometres on a single charge. A typical charge is about 300 litres of air for an average-sized car. Another advantage is, it takes a short time for a complete ‘fill-up’ of air than a electric car, which requires much longer to charge up.

Armando has partnered up with a UAE-based business man, Nassir Arzam Khan and is currently looking for more investors.

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  1. hmm.. sounds good (you need to buy the car and the air is free..) they said charging the engine with air doesn’t take time like electric cars but, they have not mentioned how long does charging the engine takes!!

  2. Hmm, you can charge a tank with compressed air using an air compressor, which happens to run on electricity… so the technology is as GREEN as electric powered vehicles.
    Nevertheless, good innovation!

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  6. When car makers build cars with minimal to almost no maintenance required then they would’ve built those perfect green cars.. And you can only dream of that cuz they want to make money off spare parts after you finish paying for the car..

    The perfect proof is when GM destroyed their EV project and hilariously launched the Hummer brand right after. Which was the world’s most perfect electrical car ever made for the masses.. Now they are trying as hell to sell us the ‘stupid’ Chevy Volt after ditching some 10 years of electrical car R&D; which made them ahead of any other car maker a decade ago in that field..

  7. I have read about a man in France who invented an AIR CAR about 5 – 10 years ago already. He sold the rights to manufacture it to Tata Motors in India. How come we are not seeing it being made???

    • Cuz it might not be commerically succesful… Just like I mentioned about the EV in my above post..

      Many inventions and technologies are goverened, unfortunately, by how they make profit for an industry.. It would cost fortunes to ditch the internal combustion engine along with all the industries that revolve around it that has been there for some 100 years..
      Internal combustion engines need spare parts and ‘spare parts make good money’..

    • The guy who did it in France is called Guy Negre, he uses a traditional crankshaft engine which is really inefficient for this type of motor. The top range I have heard of him ever reaching with any vehicle didn’t even reach 10km. I believe that this product has a big future especially in developing countries.

  8. our college students did that 1.5 years earlier.
    the main problem in this engine is this takes the same energy to fill the air cylinder which is required to run a bike on the same cost.
    second one the cylinder constructed are to bulky and heavy.
    you can check it on this link

  9. As long as we are living in bankocracy, truely clean, highly efficient, and long-lasting technologies will not(or hardly) appear, as it is completely opposed to the world’s no1 rule: Make possibly infinite money with possibly no effort. hence oil based transportation is still generally used.

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