Nissan Patrol 2011-2012 with manual gearbox in UAE

Nissan Patrol 2011-2012 with manual gearbox in UAE

One of our regular readers, M. Hajooni, who usually drops all sorts of spy shots on this site taken by himself, just dropped an email to me with a picture of a 2011-2012 Nissan Patrol interior. The interesting bit is that the interior seems to have a manual gearbox.

Our spy photographer says the manual Nissan Patrol will be offered in base XE and top SE trim, the latter identified by two DVD screens in the headrests as seen in our Infiniti QX56 long-termer. He hasn’t provided any more details, but you can always email him yourself!

Update: Our friend says the manual version will come with the 317 hp 5.6-litre V8 only, and the cars are already sitting at the port in Dubai. He also says that the 3-door and pickup versions of the old model will be offered as 2012 models, with the old 4.8-litre inline-6 engine in a few months, likely with a manual gearbox as well.

Keep track of GCC updates in the Nissan Patrol buyer guide.

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  1. :O :O :O :O :O :O I want one……

    • Base XE and Top SE trim…… so, it might be the 317HP V8. Till now only the LE trim came in 400HP V8…… Let’s see…..

  2. are those wheels the characteristic ones for the manual?

  3. i remember aaamohamaed said this some time back. He said initially only the auto will be offered and then the manual will come,so i guess he was right then.
    I think there will be more ‘Doof – Doof’ making abilities with the new patrol now, lol..

  4. This is to please the Nissan Patrol Enthusiasts here..

    When is the pick up version coming? 😛

  5. would be even happier about a v6 auto version.. !!

  6. thanks mash for the news….it seems we will see more patrols in desert loool

    and BTW: new tida came out with a 190 HP engine from the juke….but in china!!!!

    i cant imagine a 190 hp tida in here ….the juke acc. from 0-100 in 6.8 sec already

  7. Mashy,,the older 3door only came with the outdated 4.5i6,, are they now bringing it with the 4.8i6??cos that would be a fun vehicle to drive.

  8. yes spyke….
    the vtc 4.8 will be standard
    because they found many boys are throwing the 4.5 and mod the car by installing the 4.8 ..
    they make it easier now loool

  9. Poor fellows.Deleted my comment.

    • Author

      The site went down for 12 hours, if you didn’t notice. Some data was lost from the last few hours before it went down.

  10. Opps, sorry , i take back my word.

  11. Sunny Classic just stopped coming in manual transmission in Dubai. Because there are no buyers. As for the driving institute they are going for the cheaper Korean Sunny.

    And the New Nissan Patrol in manual will be released after or a month near September. And it will be coming as the 2012 model stock.

    • Author

      I am confused really. The Sunny Classic is different from the Korean Sunny?

    • Looks like the old Sunny. The model previous to the Korean Sunny. And it comes from Japan. Therefore it is more reliable and has more resale value too. Compared to the Korean Sunny the price is few thousands higher.

    • Author

      Hmmm, now I realise why they had the “old” Sunny on the showroom floor. Thought they were leftovers.

    • Coolest thing in that Sunny is the option for Max A/C many cars have this. But in this even after parked under oven hot sun it blows ice cold air.

    • yehh..the AC is freezing cold even in summers..have to turn it down always in my friend’s car

  12. any news on the price tag??

  13. now all the patrol needs a decent diesel which is required to do well in Australia.

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