Nissan Tiida 2012 spy shots show all-new contender

Nissan Tiida 2012 spy shots show all-new contender

This is the 2012 Nissan Tiida, as seen in Chinese-spec trim. It looks much better than the current model, and now has a longer wheelbase than the Honda Civic, putting it firmly in the compact category, larger than the current sub-compact.

With anonymous photos appearing on various Asian sites such as AutoInCar, the 2012 Tiida apparently shares a platform with the 2012 Nissan Sunny sedan that is already on sale in some Asian countries.

The Chinese Tiida will even come with a 188 hp turbocharged 1.6-litre with a CVT automatic, although it is more likely the GCC-spec Tiida will have non-turbo engines.

Expect the new Tiida to reach Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other GCC countries by the end of summer.

Keep track of updates in the Nissan Tiida buyer guide.

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  1. I duno… it looks, ummm… geeky???
    They should change the front bumper, or if u buy one, then put a bodykit on.
    As for the turbo… 🙁

  2. What turbo? u ppl want turbo in every car:S

  3. front looks a copy of Lexus CT200h

  4. Can’t disagree with, Rahul, It does look like Lexus from front. especially the grill side.

  5. 188hp is quite a lot for a car that weighs as much as a matchbox!

  6. Does anyone know why they out that horrible blue CVT emblem in every Nissan?
    It looks ok in silver or Black, but that blue emblem looks horrible on a white Patrol or Altima

  7. Lexus Grille, Volvo Headlamps… But it needs a refreshment to keep up with competition..

  8. let us wait to see the interior, the old altima and tiida suffered from very cheap interior, I hope it is improved here.

    • Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

      The current Tiida actually has one of the best interiors in the sub-compact class. Can’t expect much from this segment. Of course, now it is moving up a segment, so it has to be better to match the Civic.

    • I don’t agree with you Mashfique. Suzuki swift looks much better from inside.

  9. I think the design is a welcome change, after the mild refresh turned out to be too mild for comfort.

    I would like to add a few new things in addition to the article above 🙂

    The tiida is moving upscale, because of two main reasons

    a) they want push the car into the compact category, and compete with the likes of Corolla and Civic, rather than Yaris / Jazz. The car’s length is estimated to be around 2700, the longest in the segment, should translate into much bigger interior space.

    b) the new strategy is to push out the Nissan Micra into the sub-compact category. Already there is enough proof to point that the new Nissan Versa in U.S.A ( that’s the Tiida here, will not share the same platform, but rather base it on an extended version of the Micra in US, as they want to keep a car in the sub-compact category as well.)

    In all probability, expect the Micra and the Tiida to come here. The prices of the Tiida will definitely go up.

    Engine sizes: As mash, pointed out, there is the talk of the 1.6 turbo directly from the Nissan Juke (another model not released here), but not in this market.

    We will have to contend with either the economical 1.5l coming from the new Sunny, or a slightly-more-powerful than before 1.8l, attached to the CVT / compared to the outdated 4-speed automatic. the CVT is expected to provide more fuel efficiency as well.

    The Tiida is all set to debut at the Shanghai Motor Show later this month, and the Nissan Versa (U.S.) at the New York Motor show also later this month. Let’s see, if they stick to their plans or bring out some new surprises.

    Compare these line-ups and tell me what you think of the new strategy?

    Toyota -> Avalon, Aurion, Camry, Corolla, Yaris

    Honda -> Accord (3.5), Accord (2.5), Civic, City , Jazz

    Nissan -> Maxima, Altima (3.5), Altima (2.5), (new) Tiida, (new) Sunny, (new Micra)

  10. I think they ruined this car too with the stupid CVT .

    • The only reason i fear the CVT is because i dont know how it fares on the long run… Otherwise i wont doubt the reliability of a japanese car..

  11. Is the Micra coming here?

  12. So with the Micra coming, thts the kind of line up Nissan is aiming for, so no longer just the YARISes :P.

    As for the odd-shaped & sized Juke, I am almost 99.9% sure that its goin to come with the 1.6l non-turbo that powers older Tiidas or with the new 1.5l that produces the same power, but more fuel efficiency. the 0.1% is the hope that they reconsider and get that turbo engine. 🙂

    As for assassin’s comment..i tend to disagree. The CVT is way better than a clunky 4-speed automatic. Agreed, it doesnt match upto a manual, but given a choice, I would put transmissions in this order -> Manual, Dual-Clutch DSGs, CVT , and finally the automatic.

    CVTs have their own set of problems, but considering higher fuel economy is a key feature in sub-compact and compact cars, I wouldn’t mind the CVT. The altima doesnt seem to have any less popularity cause of CVT, so there.

  13. ok so we understand its a lexus/volvo from the front and a tiny version of the qashqai in the back…… and i get why they have the cvt gearbox in it “its a city car” and it would be AWESOME if they bring the 1.6 turbo engine into the gulf,,, but the important question is: what about the price?

  14. well price point should be in this bracket..if its with the:

    1.5L – expect anywhere from AED 45,000 to 55,000AED

    1.8L – expect a price range from 55,000-68,000AED ( pricer than before as its a bigger car now, but it definitely won’t overlap with Altima’s pricing.

  15. mini Murano, lol

  16. not to forget that the civic is much more highly priced than the tiida

  17. I thought Tiida has gained popularity because it has [almost] the size of Civic and Corrola but the price is similar to the price of Jazz or City and Yaris. Now if Nissan will change that thing then at least here, the new Tiida will face new market challenges.

  18. the tiida has a massive interior space compared with other cars…
    with this bigger model, for sure it will be better than the present one.

    almost all nissan sedan cars are using CVTs after the introduction of this model….

    and based on what i see…the CVT has no effect at all at the car sales….

    check this out:

    thanks mash for the pics

  19. Strange people talking and debating about catagories in Toyota, Nissan and Honda..but what about new coming models in sexy Mazda?? All 6s, 3s, 2s, and probably 1s !!!

  20. It’s march already and we haven’t seen this car on the UAE Market. Gonna get this car when it comes out but I am hoping for fairer price just like the old TIIDA pricing of 55 to 65K AED.

    Mash any news on this car?

    • Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

      I got conflicting reports. It should’ve been here by now, but plans change. The new one is bigger, so it will cost more.

  21. THanks Mash, I hope the price will not compete with HONDA CIVIC. So excited to see this car.

  22. I keep on visiting this page for I love the new TIIDA. But still hoping they will release it this Ramadan as the new 2013 model. But I called the Deira dealer many times and they said they don’t have a clue.

    Mash bro bring us some good news on the coming of TIIDA. Many thanks.

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