Volvo XC70 and S80 2012 models with upgraded safety

Volvo XC70 and S80 2012 models with upgraded safety

Swedish automaker Volvo have upgraded their XC70 and S80 models mildly on the outside and mainly on the inside for 2012, by applying some mild touch-ups, adding some safety features and improving the infotainment system.

On the safety front, Volvo has added the City Safety system which was previously presented in the S60 and XC60 models. The system includes the Pedestrian Detection system which helps detect pedestrians in front of the car and provides an audible warning alert to the driver. Should a random suicidal labourer choose to jump in front of a Volvo and the driver cannot steer away, the system automatically applies brakes at full force in a bid to prevent the collision.

The collision warning system also monitors vehicles ahead that are stationary or are moving in the same direction, aiding in prevention of ramming into vehicles or stationary objects ahead.

The adaptive cruise control with queue assist will now help both S80 and XC70 drivers maintain a safe distance with the car in front and all the way to standstill if required, resuming once the traffic in front starts to move.

Apart from safety upgrades, all S80 and XC70 models now comes with Volvo’s Sensus infotainment system which, according to Volvo, makes driving a safer and more comfortable experience. The system provides information and settings for the safety systems and Active Cruise Control, and allows the driver to operate audio, video and navigation functions. Display options are a 5-inch or an optional 7-inch screen positioned in such a manner that the driver does not need to completely take their eyes off the road. A multimedia package for the rear passengers is optional and includes two 8-inch screens built into the front seat headrests, wireless headphones and remote control.

Visual upgrades are confined to mildly-redesigned headlamps with optional Active Xenon lights, LED turn indicators, new wheel designs, redesigned interior lighting, a couple of new body colours and a couple of new colours for the upholstery as well.

We got a static preview of these cars in pre-production form when they were brought to Dubai for a photo-shoot. Judging by the quality, the S80 and XC70 are easily at the level of luxury brands such as Audi in terms of trim and build quality. The S80 will reach UAE, Saudi and other GCC showrooms by the end of summer, while the viability of the XC70 in the Middle East is still being studied.

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