So we got a 2012 Honda Jazz

So we got a 2012 Honda Jazz

We weren’t aware that there were any changes planned for the Honda Jazz anytime soon. So when Honda’s Middle East office offered us a test-drive of the 2012 Jazz, we were wondering what had changed. Turns out it is just a facelift.

Externally, the front and rear has been changed a bit, while the interior gets even fewer changes. All the mechanical specs remain unchanged.

However, when we drove away with this Lime Green tester (which happens to be a new colour), we instantly noticed some quiet changes to the suspension.

All will be covered in detail in a first-drive story that took us to Abu Dhabi and back.

What do you think?



  1. I’v always loved this car, its practical and stands out of compitetors in terms of specs, also the car has dual image and likes to be accessorized, so take this lime or pink color, and it will suitable for women, take a black or white one with some different bigger rims and few other tweaks and you will have a nice youth spirited car for young men … the way, wait for my next coming posting on the forum, it will be a full review for the Avalon 2011 with all its negatives …. and few positives

  2. does any1 besides me think this car is overpriced???

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