Renault Koleos 2012 gets frontal facelift

Renault Koleos 2012 gets frontal facelift

The Renault Koleos, a rebadged compact crossover built in Korea, has never really sold well in the GCC since its launch a couple of years ago. So the carmaker is going at it a second time with a facelifted model for 2012.

The facelift is limited to a completely new front end, while the rest of the 4×4 remains exactly the same. Even changes to the interior are limited to a new central stack, while a new orange exterior colour is now available.

The Nissan-derived engine also remains the same, a 170 hp 2.5-lire 4-cylinder mated to a CVT automatic and all-wheel-drive.

Expect the new model to quietly reach showrooms in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE by winter this year.

Keep track of prices and updates in the Renault Koleos buyer guide.

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  1. Obviously its never gonna sell well in the GCC! Look at it …

  2. Good value for money but horrible design

  3. When suddenly page popped up, i felt as if i am looking at a previous generation, Kia Sportage with different front.

  4. After the warranty is over.. It will catch fire and explode..

  5. at last a successful nose surgery for an ugly nose

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