Hyundai Azera 2012 on sale in Saudi Arabia, coming to UAE

Hyundai Azera 2012 on sale in Saudi Arabia, coming to UAE

If anyone remembers seeing the Azera, the full-sized sedan from Hyundai that was based and heavily resembled a modified previous-generation Sonata, they would gladly confirm that it wasn’t the best premium car around. Being one of their flagship models, Hyundai had put a lot of faith in it, but the Genesis came along, and so did the next generation Sonata, wiping out whatever buzz it had.

Designed to compete with the likes of Aurion, Accord, Altima V6 and Maxima, it had failed to attract many buyers. The Middle East was one of the many places where Azera didn’t click at all, although there were inter-GCC travelers who bought the car, on the idea that it was relatively cheaper than other premium models and more comfortable than normal sedan. The car had two distinctive features, which paved the way for the future, good reliability and a bit of futurist design (for its time, mixed feeling that!).

During a visit to Hyundai’s R&D centre in South Korea, we were glad to catch sight of the new Azera, sold as the Grandeur there. As previously reported, the car was an extreme makeover from the last generation model. Borrowing cues from Genesis, Sonata, Elantra, the Azera is a pretty sight.

The front of the car has a grille similar to new Sonata’s, providing the car a much needed premium look. Although the side profile is also familiar, sharing some arches with the Sonata, it’s partially because of keeping up with Hyundai’s fluidic design form. LED headlights and taillights give the car an up-scale look. The rear boasts a futuristic look with a wide angled tail light, voluminous wide rear bumper and 3.5-inch rectangular dual exhaust tips. The entire design is dubbed as “Grand Slide”

The GCC market will feature two models with different engines. The base model will be the 178 hp 2.4-litre, (Yes, the same de-tuned engine that powers the current Sonata!) while the higher-end model will feature a 247 hp 3.0-litre Hyundai Lambda engine. As expected both engines don’t feature Hyundai’s GDI technology.

Optional features include 18-inch or 19-inch alloys, panoramic sunroof, smart cruise control, electronic stability control, parking sensors, electronic seats with memory function, front heated/cooled leather seats, navigation, Infinity premium sound system, tire pressure monitoring system, new electronic parking brake, rain sensing wipers, just to name a few.

The Azera definitely looks promising, provides class-leading features and if it has a competitive pricing, it may end up as one of the dark horses from the Hyundai stables. Expect quiet launches across the Middle East in the coming months, as local dealers seem to be releasing new models without much fanfare.

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  1. Did any aliens design this car….. uuuffff….. Especially the interior.

  2. It looks like a hybrid of the XF and g35 saloon but the headlights …

    If the pricing is right it should do quite well.But after seeing the prototype K9 KIA .Now that I wanna see.

  3. I really feel the interior/console is too over designed, reminds me of the insides of the alien ships in Independence Day. Will Smith will feel right at home in this thing 🙂

  4. With the styling and features Hyundai’s offering, it could easily be the best selling automaker, if not for the brand perception issues…

  5. They should launch it with the Genesis Badge, Inside & Out .. what a gorgeous car.

  6. Is it only me or everybody noticing that the website started to put very old news, this car was launched in KSA around 2 months ago, I even know the ppricing for it, the V6 3.0 no 2 spec,costs around 96 K Saudi rials, the fully loaded one was not available first, then I think now they brought it for around 115 K. it not aliens cars, this how cars should look, cars developed in 90s compared to 70s, but since then everything is still pretty the same, a huge leap forward is required now so people start feel the difference

  7. That interior is sweet! 😀 But I only like the beige one.

  8. Very Nice. Anybody have any idea about the expected price for the V6 model?

  9. looks like a DB7 aston martin from the back xD
    its a bad-ass niggas car

  10. with such a piece of beauty, I wonder what is the benefit of the slow selling Genesis-and the nonsene equus-, which I guess should be either canceled so that it will not overshadow this magnificent car or be grouped in a different uber brand name to give the Azera the independence and glory it deserves.

  11. Wow love the styling and the features list will put a BMW/merc to shame. Any idea about Dubai pricing?
    Need a car for the Dubai- ad commute. If the v6 gives decent mileage I would be very interested.

  12. can anybody tell when is the grandeur being launched in saudi arabia,iv checked with the sole distributors of hyundai namely alwallan but they say they also dnt knw when the car is coming,can anybody have the info on that ????

  13. Two models available in Dubai now and both have the 3.0 V6 engine.

    Top of range and no kidding fully spec’d is 118,000 aed and looks a bargain.

    There is another model for 111,000 aed that is same minus sat nav and rear camera.

    Only have black models to date but certainly thinking of swapping the 4 yr old Veracruz for this car

  14. I have a new azera 2012 and im really relaxwith this perfesional car

  15. I have booked for one and am pretty excited….

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