Toyota Fortuner 2012 facelift revealed

Toyota Fortuner 2012 facelift revealed

The Toyota Fortuner, soulmate of the Toyota Hilux pickup on which it is based, has just received a facelift for 2012. It has already been revealed in Thailand, where it is built.

First introduced in 2005, the 2012 Toyota Fortuner receives a new frontal treatment similar to that of the 2012 Toyota Hilux. That includes new headlights, bumper and grille, along with different tail lamps, rear bumper and wheels. The 8-seater interior may have changed a bit, but we can’t be sure without comparing to an older model. The bonnet scoop is only turbodiesel models, which are not offered in the GCC.

That’s about it for the “new” model, as the engines remain the same. Expect the facelifted Fortuner to reach dealerships in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries by the end of summer.

Keep track of Middle East updates in the Toyota Fortuner buyer guide.

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  1. Whats wrong with toyota with minor facelifts even after 5 years of the same model in production. All koreans and americans have revolutionized their shapes and shame on japanese with minor crap facelifts. ๐Ÿ˜

    • See, a car that sells well and is a successful formula barely gets changed rather just refreshed as for people not to get bored of it.. This car is extremely successful, theres not necessity to spend money on making it look good..

      The land cruiser stayed for more than a decade before they released the new design… The nissan patrol stayed the same car and was only facelifted for also more than a decade.. Not to mention the land cruiser FJ70 that is selling for some 3 decades now with only facelifts and lately and engine upgrade..

    • Yeah, thats also true but the competition is increasing everyday.Hope toyota does something good with the upcoming camry

  2. First time in my life today I saw a Toyota which was going to be towed on the recovery which was a 2007 Fortuner. I spoke to the owner he said its not starting. But he couldn’t find out it was just the BATTERY that failed. He was amazed see it get started by the recovery man’s jumper….. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Are those alloy wheels photoshopped??

    And this has always been a joke..IMHO

  4. No dual VVTi engine instead of the current single VVTi?? It DOES make difference in fuel economy!

  5. I like this design…looks better now!

  6. front is better, back is uglier!

  7. The car was never an eye catching one anyways.. So i dont see anything special.. Just a car that does the job well..

  8. Found out today Toyota Yaris..full options with ‘sports kit’ which should add about -5 hp ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. after long thinking ….. no comment

  10. just got an 2007 fortuner from al futtaim automall…. 68k millage for 69k dhs. is it fair enough? what do you think?

  11. crappy design by toyota. 2010 model looks more good than this shit. EPIC FAIL.

  12. well i was about to buy 2011 model fortuner but then the show room guyt told me to wait for 2012 model which is going to come in few months and i am waiting from the past 4 months and now i think that ” WAITING FOR THIS MONSTER WAS WORTH ๐Ÿ˜€ “

  13. Tariq , Any idea when the Fortuner 2012 is expected in UAE

    • ROHIT , bro i dont have any idea but according to the jeddah showroom its going to com,e in october or november but i hope inshallah it comes this september ๐Ÿ˜€

    • This model is already there in Ajman Al Futtaim. I saw it last week and was very impressed.

  14. Why don’t they change the trim?????? Beige does not work well with kids and why buy an SUV if you have to keep it spotless? Make it Black! The Hilux looks stunning! I think the inside of the Fortuner is very ugly and the beige is the only reason why I will never buy it.

  15. agrees with Carina Wolfaardt, beige with kids don’t work, even adults! Great for family outdoors, serious off road capabilities. 2006 model owned, shakes and rattles a bit, YES its boring but RELIABLE. and with lunatics drivers around, feels good to be in a Fortuner while not spending the cash on higher level SUVs. Gets the job done from IKAE loading to relocating around town. Front re-design great, Back re-design leaves to be desired i can see…

  16. With regards to the vibrations, shakes and rattles, had the car wheels calibrated at a wheel shop and rides smooth and quiet since.
    correction to comment above: should read IKEA* instead…

  17. Hello Mashfique , How about the availability of Fortuner 2012 in UAE

  18. My believes were that the Japanese makers far away head to Koreans.. My believes were completely wrong.. Please go and check the new designs of hyundais and kias.. You’ll be shocked.. New 2012 Tucson looks porsche cayenne.. Just compare the shape!!

  19. Hey guys this car is awsome so lets just wait and see it on roads and then lets give review i am buying it for sure WEATHER YOU GUYS LIKE IT OR NOT ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. @Shane, can you explain to me how you got this one done for the shakes and Vibrations.. Pls advice..

    • random Adnoc station with a Tyre shop. cost 200 for calibration i believe. car goes on some sort of lift with plastic reflectors clamped to the wheels and some fancy red laser lights on top. was done free as i had to change all 4 tyres… (2000AED wt#$%@) but the car drove smoothly ever since and rattles stopped completely even at 170kms/hr. never felt that good, even after wasting several grand at Al Futtaim toyota service centres which they never got fixed even after repeating the same request for 2 years…

  21. shakes and vibrations comes when you replace your rims with the wrong offset as the original.

  22. AYOBANESS!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  23. I got a 2012 Toyota Fortuner GX a month ago and frankly speaking, when I compared it with a Fortuner 2011 of a friend, I was very much disappointed. Toyota’s facelift is nothing but a cosmetic change in the exterior of the vehicle but the price difference is much more than what I was expecting. The brand itself is not just enough. Toyota should have given some substantial upgrading to the older models.

    • Hi Mazari,
      Thanks for the information on fortuner. I am planning to buy 2.7 L 2012 model , can you please let me know your feed back on 2012 model?
      I mean how is the performence etc.

      Shaik P

    • im gona buy fortuner 2013 2.7ltr from dubai showroom..can you please tell me what is the fuel conception, full tank how many kilo appr??

  24. yo mazari same here
    even i am planning to buy one bro
    so please give us one good review ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I drive the 2011 model. The interior is boring, unluxurious and unfair for the price, but the 3.0 diesel engine is a monster, it goes anywhere. the seating position feals floored like a pickup. I wish it were more luxurious since it already lacks the WOW factor visually.

  26. I just brought 2012 model 2.7 recently and drove 2000 kms. I was an x Pajero guy and Pajero is indeed strong car and 2002 model has much more features than 2012 model fortuner.

    But the brand makes its all.. So far i only got little to comment on performance as its still very new to test the power, the sudden pickup is good and smooth.

    Features wise it has nothing inside apart from a Bluetooth and iPod connector from older base models. This car has not even a temperature display and too little space for storages. I havenโ€™t use the old models and i cant comment on the difference. Itโ€™s not fuel efficient as before since its always 4×4, i get so far 6.8 km (mixed city and highway ride) and not sure it will improve later stage. The suspension is not that smooth as itโ€™s rougher than Pajero. On the 1st service Alfuttain mechanic said new suspension is harder than older models and the ride will be rougher.

    An expensive non economical rough SUV, but brand has a reliability..

  27. Thanks Dinto. Appreciated your detailed feed back.

    I am also intrested in Pajero, but suddenly the prices goneup. Hope that they will comedown soon.


  28. I’m waiting for reviews if the truck-like suspension of the earlier models improved in the 2012 model. Please advise as I’m planning to buy a new SUV and 2012 Fortuner is one of my options.

  29. I am looking for this one, 4.0 middle option cost 126K, in UAE

    How is the real review for this monster, hear that, fortuner is more prone to rollover, is it true, is there any fix for it in latest model. what is the fuel conception, full tank how many kilo appr.,
    And how the car stability in heigh speed, 160 to 170 km, if not what is the stable speed for this one.

    • for 126k, it is a greart car.
      + good on street handling
      + solid space
      + solid 4l engine performance
      + reliable
      + reasonably cheap

      – interior fully outdated
      – lacking saferty with no side/curtain airbags
      – rear passenger space limited

  30. Marc,

    Thanks for reply, but still my other points are not yet cleared,
    I am really confused, in fortuner or a pajero 3.8.
    Stability is very important, and please give detail on fuel consumption

    • My brother…any proper SUV is more prone to roll-over than a car or crossover. But that is only if you attempt to do circus with your vehicle..high speed stability is not an issue as far as I have seen in both the vehicles. However, the Pajero 3.8 (top option) does come with stability control system, which will keep your worries at bay. It also has side and curtain airbags too. The Fortuner does not come with any stability control systems, and side and curtain airbags. When it comes to fuel consumption the Fortuner returns a better mileage than the 3.8-litre Pajero. However, the Pajero is slightly more on horsepower while being slightly less on torque.

  31. My 2007 Fortuner Rocks…. fuel consumption wise its fair enough, i am a desert junk therefore i test it personaly,it is very dependable and the height is kinda perfect for its body built.

    One thing i dont like is the minor rattles and squirks but im am just thinking it is because of the all terrain tires that im having.

  32. ุงู†ุง ุฃุญุจ ููˆุฑู†ุชุดุฑ ู„ุงู†ู‡ุง ุนุงุฆู„ูŠุฉ

  33. can sum one say me what is the difference btw 2006 model and 2012 model is it bigger in space

  34. i am going to buy toyota fortuner 2.7ltr 2013 model from Dubai showroom..120dirhams is for full tank petrol.. anyone know how much mileage is getting for full tank?

  35. my father also have same car toyota fortuner 2013
    sport eidtion

  36. people just buy a toyota for the sake of it…

    over priced, low rent interior, bounce buggy ride, and assembled by a low paid asian worker indonesia….

  37. is there any body who can clear my confusion between pajero sport or toyota fortuner which is the best seven seat SUV fuel and power wise for daily 200 km in city please.

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