Jeep Wrangler 2012 gets Pentastar 3.6-litre V6

Jeep Wrangler 2012 gets Pentastar 3.6-litre V6

Chrysler continues to revamp all their models, and steadily finding their way back into the race. Previously, we told you about the “new” 2011 Wranglers with an upgraded interior as well as the option to get painted roof and fender panels. Now, Jeep has moved onto another phase of revamping the Wrangler.

Opting to scrap the underpowered and inefficient 3.8-litre V6, Jeep has finally switched to the 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 for the 2012 Wrangler. This change adds some much-needed power while improving fuel economy by about 15%. The new engine makes 285 hp, a jump of about 80 horses compared to the old 205 hp motor. This ensures that the Wrangler does the 0-100 kph run in under 9 seconds.

Another notable change is the transmission. The decade-old 4-speed has been dropped in favour of a 5-speed automatic. As for the manual lovers, they still get to choose a 6-speed manual. As for fuel economy, Jeep claims a rated average of 11.2 litres/100 km.

Exterior changes are kept to a minimum this time, only helping improve aerodynamics. The only noticeable difference is the repositioning of the fog lamps on the front bumper. The interior remains the same as in the updates 2011 model. Also for 2012, the Wrangler has increased its rear axle ratio choices to three — 3.21, 3.73 and 4.10. Its tow rating is also up to 1,587 kilograms.

There is also yet another “Call Of Duty” special-edition, named after a video game, but there is nothing really unique in it that can’t be ordered from the Mopar parts catalogue to build your own.

The Wrangler has indeed received some useful mechanical updates, but it remains to be seen how this will translate into sales. Expect the Wrangler to hit dealers in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other GCC countries later this year.

Keep track of updates in the Jeep Wrangler buyer guide.

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  1. it seems niice bcz the fuel economy was big issue i think now its better any idea about price still same or changed ???

  2. This was long over due .I hope they have managed to sort the wind and tyre noise on stock specs.

    The previous generation was horrendous.That said i would really like mine with the kaki exterior and orange interior.I am gonna start saving up…

  3. I have always liked the wrangler, theres nothing like it in the market but I have always despised the 3.8 V6 especially after owning an older jeep with the 4.0 I6..

    Hopefully this new engine and transmission upgrade is a major improvement.. Is that 3.6 V6 sourced from a family saloon or its meant for being used for solid 4×4 applications..

  4. I read somewhere that improvements have been made to ride comfort; wind & road noise have also been addressed. How much is left to be seen.

    This is probably the first Wrangler in history to come with a tiptronic gearbox 🙂

  5. The engine is the Pentastar V6 used in the Charger/Grand Cherokee. However torque, gearboxes and final ratios have been tuned to maintain it’s off roading prowess.

  6. This new engine is a big improvement. But I heard issues with the transmission. Gears slip out when driving in 2nd, 4th or 6th but I think its figured out.

  7. I had a ride just two days back from Al futtaim on the Grand Cherokee and with the New Penta star Engine. V6 Engine model was not as quick off the line as I had expected.But the acceleration was only modest until the revs began to climb. Otherwise off road this was a demon, took on anything that came by. Luxurious Interiors, I cant say about the Fuel efficiency, maybe new owners can chip in their views.

  8. I wonder how Al Futtaim are going to price this now – The previous 2011 Wrangler with the 3.8 liter started at 100K for the Sports edition up to 120k for the Sahara Edition with Navigation.

    Might get one if they price it reasonably *Fingers crossed*

  9. Whats the tow rating for ?

  10. I just test drove the new 2door sport wrangler 2012 with 3.6L engine last week.
    A friend of mine warned me about wranglers, sold his brand new 2010 after 5months. Issues he complained about his 2010 was cheap interior, extreme road noise, wind noise and summer heat that goes upto 50 degrees in saudi arabia making the cabin really hot because of the fibre-glass top.
    When i test drove the new 2012, i experienced nothing like that, road noise is almost zero, bumps and reflectors on the road were not felt at all, wind noise only a whistle on 140KM/h speed which was better than my current trailblazer suv.
    Excellent and huge improvements done on this 2012 jeep.
    I am only worried about the summer heat in the cabin, but i am sure now that the sahara models come with a metallic paint on hard tops this issue will also be eliminated. But i am still skeptic about this. Any suggestions?

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