Hyundai Genesis Coupe spy-shots show facelift for 2012

Hyundai Genesis Coupe spy-shots show facelift for 2012

Photos are leaking out of Hyundai’s factory in Korea from unknown sources, showing the controversial new front-end of the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

It looks like the updated Coupe will inherit the weird front design from the Veloster hatchback, as well as receive new wheels, new tail-light clusters and a new bonnet with intakes in it.

The engine is expected to be the updated direct-injected 333 hp 3.8-litre V6 hat recently debuted in the 2012 Genesis sedan, although some hope that Hyundai’s new 429 hp 5.0-litre V8 also makes it under the bonnet of the Coupe. The 210 hp 2.0-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder should also continue in other markets. However, we expect neither engine to be offered in the UAE, as Hyundai may choose to continue the current 306 hp V6 engine due to fuel concerns in some GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Keep track of updates in the Hyundai Genesis Coupe buyer guide.

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  1. Now top end models borrowing from the new models, thats new. I feel the front looks to narrow / small. I like the rear though.

    Pity that they wont release none of the turbos here. At 150,000 AED, the genesis or the coupe is hardly moving here, and interior of the coupe especially looks way too bland. Let’s wait and see at the offical launch.

    Maybe they may bring the Veloster with the 2.0litre turbo in the future here, in place of the now ceased Hyundai Tiburon / Coupe

  2. 150K is alot of a the genesis coupe, not competitively priced as it should..

    And im not sure if that facelift was much of a necessity, kind of looks unbalanced.

  3. Who said its price is 150K? as far as I remember it was in the range of 120-130K and that is a good price compared to others, it is better than the Mustang V6 and more reliable.

  4. Test drove Genesis and Mustang and bought Mustang without any hesitation. Genesis is just a car. Mustang has a soul. And its a good joke about reliability of Genesis in comparison to Mustang ))

  5. Genesis coupe is 115,000…

  6. Zao are you sure its 115?? Samer – 120-130k ( when was that?

    why I am confused is because of 2-3 reasons.

    1) The genesis coupe comes as far as I remember in one model, and the Hyundai agent told me its 150,000.

    2) The new Azera is also available only in one model and that was for 118,000. The genesis being a more higher end model, should defintely cost more than the azera. This is one is a coupe, so like always its more expensive. The price in the states was around 27000-31000 for the top of the line, and if you add the tax and dealer markup, had to get the top of line g coupe for 115,000.
    I need to confirm this though, but as far as I can tell, the price was a key factor, why the vehicle doesnt move much here.

    • The price is 115k. I was considering this car for a long time before I made my choice. I had asked prices both in dubai and AD.

    • Forgot to mention, it only comes in the GT spec in UAE with some additions of the Rspec. Such as brembo brakes as standard. Its not a bad package at all.And this year features an all black interior, instead of the silver center console. Looks much better. Cheers !

    • 115,000 for Hyundai Coupe. Sorry to criticise but genesis just doesnt command as much respect to muscle cars leaders ford,chevy and dodge. At about 99,000 for the base Ford Mustang or about 125,000 for the camaro, they offer something more. Classify it under gratification or style, or heritage and or lots more respect on the road. I might just pick up the Mustang v6, practical , heritage of a true muscle,and like Parvin said..its got a soul. You feel the muscle aspect. while my second option would camaro ( again its got head turning looks, minus the visibility and some practical issues). The H. Coupe is way too anonymous, at least till the redesign comes thru and the new face ..well! i dint like it.

  7. Isn’t that design coming on every car of theirs. Wouldn’t people get bored of it later?

    • They are simply trying to make a brand fascia.Kia is doing the same thing. Just like BMW, AUDI, MERCEDEZ,VW,porsche and others. Gives their cars, identity. I think its the right move. Lately they have experimented with various nice designs but it was hard to identify some of them till you look at the badge,from close.

    • That face suits smaller vehicles. KIA may share similar looks ( i mean similar) but not ditto same. Hyundai has the same face, with a few touch ups for the i10, i20, i30, veloster, and now genesis. The genesis is supposed to be their top line car, its got ooze that class.

    • I was referring to KIA’s corporate face. It’s better than Hyundai’s in my opinion

    • Maybe true. Let’s wait and see how good it looks in real.

  8. This is one of those designs that will make sense eventually…

  9. yup at 99k the ford pony is a better buy……

    • I wouldnt be too sure! The 99k mustang is a base stripped off version. No leather seats, no leather steering wheel, cheap plastics,no luxury features, no sunroof and even the exterior fine touches are missing which kinda makes it look less special, when ur in this 99k one, u wont be really that happy after the first couple of weeks,coz u dont feel anything premium about the car. Sure its got an iconic stature, but i test drove the mustang, the seating position is too low and the outside visibility isnt that great, the sound of the V6 is nice but the genesis growls more. The mustang is slightly faster though. All in all the mustang to really go for IMHO is the V6 premium with many of the goodies, which costs arnd 125-130. The genesis is fully loaded, brembo brakes standard, HID headlamps, all expected luxuries, The inside of the genesis is much more pleasant than the mustang. So its actually very gud value and a much more practical and comfortable daily driver. Cheers !

  10. well hyundai genesis coupe beated mustang,camaro,challenger except mustang in Drag race .
    so it definitly worth 115000 aed.
    and i prefer genesis couper over mustang any day

  11. it looks pretty much like the all new V12 zagato from the front,, thats the most amazing thing about it

  12. actually genesis coupe is best of both world…i have gone through lots of reviews about this car and i couldnt find much of negatives written or said about it…its somewhere in between muscle cars like mustang and sports cars like Z370…its really value for money as u r gettin a fully loaded rear wheel drive sport coupe at 115,000…only thing missin is a navigation…a fully loaded mustang V6 is now 123,000…ofcourse mustang has got an iconic value…if u r lookin to showoff on a muscle car them mustang is better…but if ur looking for more of a sporty driver’s car then genesis is the best u get in this price…

  13. Looks amazing in first pic but looks very weird in second pic.

  14. from back some styling cue from G37 infiniti

    • you know what …hyundai lacks innovation ….they just keep on evolving or u know exxagerating the designs of audis merc bmw toyotas nissans n all the reputed brands and give em in a cheaper price tag…thats all what they does…nothing INNOVATIVE…hyundai suks…..they wont create nethin new….

    • Hyundai provide few extra features for less. And that’s a good thing. And I have been in few Hyundais and driven one and they have thought of driver and passengers comfort.

    • And just tell me which other car looks this good for this money.

    • yes , i always thought new KIA have too much audi in it , the audi ex designer work is evident

  15. Looks great from side, front somehow i didn’t like that much.

  16. Aditya *****
    RE: the idea of coupe is get a cool effect… you dont get that in Hyundai coupe. The statement a mustang makes is priceless…. sorry but i havent any genesis coupes running around….. but plenty of mustangs

    I guess all the cool guys know what to buy 🙂

    • I see a lotta toyota yaris’s running around as well!! LOL
      I dont know about you, but i dont follow the herd. I dont think u’ve actually driven a genesis coupe, or mayb not seen one up close. Plz have a ride in one,or atleast check it out at the showroom. You will be surprized.
      The mustang is a nice car, but the base V6 is not as good a deal as it sounds! Thats all im saying. Cheers !!

    • If I want to spend twice the money on a sports car just to drive something for its looks!! Heck that is a waste of money…

      I pay alot for a sports car because its a performance vehicle not cuz it looks good..

  17. i am sure it is better than a mustang technically speaking… but again you are missing the point…once again it has the “cool effect”……. it is a guy thing.

    • LOL, and wat do you think I am?? so ur calling the GC a girly car??

    • This has been fun PRADO, but i do not wish to be dragged into a debate, but firing ‘out of place’ slogans from american movies doesnt change anything. In the end its about opinion, i dont expect you to agree with me. I like both the cars, and was considering them, but eventually i didnt buy any of them, as they both lacked something or the other i was looking for. So no personal gains here. As they say- ‘To Each, His Own’. Cheers!!

  18. Hyundai isn’t innovative?

    It has completely revolutionised sheet metal stamping to create what they have termed ‘fluidic sculpture’… and it is. You cannot help but notice the new Elantra or Accent Blue.

    The Azera is the best priced sedan in its class.. check out the options you get in the 118k and compare to your boring Camry, Accord or even the 3-series. Don’t expect to get a BMW/Merc/Audi class car for 70% of the price… but I assure you will be pleasantly surprised.

    The Genesis Coupe is 115k including service contract and 1st year insurance… so thats about 105k for a fully optioned, RWD sports car that most car mags have praised for being the best bang for buck in the segment.

    Hyundai doesn’t have the Pony Car pedigree, so it will always lose out in such comparisons… but that doesn’t take anything away from what is a very good car in that price range and competes directly with cars like the Camaro, Mustang, 370z, Infiniti Coupe.

    A few years ago you heard the same about another brand that was taking on Ze Germans… with mighty ambitions and promises.

    That was Lexus… and now you have Infiniti that competes with BMW in the 3-series segment… 20yrs ago who would have believed either of these two Japs would hold a candle to the Mighty Germans.

    In the next few years, you will see the same being played out again… Korea vs Japan.

  19. G37 all the way. 🙂

  20. There is alot of misunderstanding, misconception and alot of people that dont understand cars beyond their looks posting on this article.. Guys, please if you have some money and plan to buy a car, just buy it… But dont launch ego assaults on all of us..

    Mustang V6 (VEEE SIX) is an over-all good car praised for its over-all performance and cost.. The Genesis might more more bang for the buck but I personally would go, test drive both in a spirited fashion and see what i chose…

    In the end of the day, im buying a sports car to drive it like a sports car not brag around with it, so Id chose the more spirited ride…

  21. Latest update

    hyundai sonata is selling for AED 62,500…
    and altima cost AED 76,500….
    Camry 80k+
    Accord 90k+

    All 2.4l, all family transporters, all boring, zero cool effect, hence Hyundai Sonata is the sold winner…

    really i feel bad for all corolla boys who bought thier tiawanese made corollas for 65k+……

  22. it was a good sleek car! with this face it will loose is sleek look and will again look like economical hyundai with dual personality with front of a eco muscle and rear of a coupe! though rear upgrade is good but front no sure!! i dont know y its not selling here but it looks nice in its current form. i hope they introduce their DI engine in UAE. or may b a 5.0 then it might hit hard in UAE.

  23. and 5.0 will kill all others in the market.

    • The engine compartment of the GC cannot accomodate the big 5.0 engine from the genesis sedan, So any expectations there are useless. The same engine will be upgraded to produce more hp to bring it in direct contact with the G37, which is wat this car has always had its sights on. Sad but true !! 🙂

  24. it is quicker or equal to G37. It needs good marketing and a bit more power to sell more in uae.

    • I was in Canada this summer, and I could see many of those on the streets. It is getting popular there, maybe because of the price. I could also see many of the turbo charged Hyundai Sonata. It’s a disgrace that we don’t have them here:(

  25. ‘as Hyundai may choose to continue the current 306 hp V6 engine due to fuel concerns in some GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia…’ ‘Cough’

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