Porsche sets sales record in Dubai

Porsche sets sales record in Dubai

Porsche Centre Dubai, a part of Al Nabooda Automobiles in the UAE, delivered 211 new cars in the month of August, apparently the best monthly performance ever for any Porsche Centre dealership worldwide. But that’s not the interesting part.

While Porsche sales in Dubai are up this year by a whopping 46%, the numbers for specific models show where the money-makers lie. The Porsche Cayenne, obviously the best-seller considering they’re as common as taxi cabs, accounted for a huge 63% of all deliveries, surprisingly followed by the Panamera with 26%. That means sales of actual sports cars — the 911, Boxster and Cayman — accounted for only 11% altogether.

While it is obvious where Porsche’s priorities lie nowadays, Porsche Centre Dubai plans to introduce the all-new 911 at the beginning of 2012.

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  1. The reason is very clear, no competition. if you are rich and want to be seen in a nice expensive car, the majority will go for SUVs or 4x4s here, so, the range rover lost its presence in the streets as its been having the same shape for the last 8 years or something. remember how respectful the range rovers were? now i dont even give them a second glance. the Cayenne on the other hand is having a new and nice shape and you will be distinguished when you are driving one.

  2. The reason is not no competition! There is the top end X5, Lexus 570, Range Rover, and the Q7. Merc GL although thats not that gud. The fact is that all these cars,esp the first 2 are selling like hot cakes, and each have their own special points. The Cayenne is an excellent vehicle, Period, and thus ends up as the choice for many buyers.Also, I dont agree the majority of rich people would buy SUV’s, frankly IMO anyone who really likes to drive(or the planet ;p) will never buy an SUV. I would never. I dont see the cayenne beating sales of the Merc S class AMG, 7 series and the likes. Another point i disagree is the range rover looks, it still rocks and looks as fresh a design as any. The really good cars never have to change, their looks are timeless. Look at the porsche 911 !! In the end its all about opinion. This is just a monthly sales record within the company, im sure other showrooms are breaking theirs. 🙂

    • And if your’re rich and want to be distinguished, The cayenne is far too common for that. You can buy a nice sports car, like the R8 or Ferraris n stuff if ur REALLY rich, or mayb a Maserati Quattroporte, or the panamaera, if you wana be a lil practical. Ur not really outta options if u have the money. 😉 Cheers !

  3. I bet Cayenne would sell even more it’s rear didn’t look like Hyundai.

    Porsche’s attempt to carry the tail design from Panamera into Cayenne, has really messed up the Cayenne’s rear. Even though I love Cayenne in every other aspect, still the rear design of this car bothered me so much that I could not consider buying one.

    I agree with Samer, Land Rover design is getting old and boring. If Land rover wants to compete, they need to be bold and redesign, without messing it up. Also, they need a less thirsty engine.

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