BMW 3-Series 2012 sedan debuts

BMW 3-Series 2012 sedan debuts

The 2012 BMW 3-Series sedan has been unveiled, complete with a quirky new face integrating traditional BMW design cues. It might look like a facelift of the current model, but the compact rear-wheel-drive sedan has actually grown in size.

The redesigned 2012 BMW 3-Series has a wider track and is now 93 mm longer, with the wheelbase stretched by 50 mm. That makes the 3-Series more spacious than before, and yet, the new car is 40 kg lighter. It is now also available in three trim variants – the Sport Line, Luxury Line and Modern Line. An optional M sport package consisting of sporty suspension, cabin trim and body kit is also offered.

A choice of two TwinPower Turbo engines will be available at launch, at least for the U.S. market. In addition to the 300 hp 3.0-litre 6-cylinder turbo engine powering the 335i, there is a new 240 hp 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbo engine in the BMW 328i. An 8-speed automatic gearbox with auto start-stop tech will be offered for the first time, alongside a 6-speed manual. An ActiveHybrid model will also be offered in the United States and Europe. Additional non-turbo models may be offered in the GCC.

In addition, all the tech features offered in the 5-Series seems to be offered in the 3-Series as well, including variable steering, dynamic damper control, brake energy regeneration, iDrive computer, heads-up display, surround-view cameras, parking assistant and more.

The 2012 BMW 3-Series will go on sale around the world early next year. Expect to see the new model in UAE, Saudi and other showrooms before the next summer.

Keep track of local updates in the BMW 3-Series buyer guide.

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  1. What about the price mash

  2. What is happening at BMW? They are going mad!

    This is the ugliest BMW in history, and stupidly enough, it does not even have an electro-mechanical parking brake system.

    Shame on you …

  3. couldn’t agree more…this one will potentially be stealing customers from the 5 series!

  4. Atlast they haven’t put the pitch black steering wheel on this model. This kind of a wheel color should have come for the 7 Series, it goes well with the interior and trim…Good job BMW!!! 😀

  5. Nikhil, I was about to say what you said 😀
    it seems we are twins lol 😀

    Yea man, BMW needs to change their old steering!
    Just look how the color of the steering made a big difference in the interior!!

    Good step BMW keep it up!

    As for the exterior:-
    it’s way better than the old one but could have been better (coz the rear is almost like the 5 series now, and I believe that this rear light suits the 3-series more! as for the front it’s aggressive and not dull like the old one anymore
    Nice improvement BMW!)

  6. The interior design and quality is just like my 750Li (2011). Kind of makes me feel bad that when I show off my 465K car saying its got this, its got that… now way cheaper cars’ (compared to my 7 series) owners can say yeah I’ve got that too =.=!

    P.S. – Mine is obviously better in performance but I’m talking about gadgets and interior here

  7. Looks more like a facelift to the E90. I love the way my E90 330i looks, but the 3 series has always been a looker!! A definate improvement in the interior though. Way to go BMW!! This will keep them at the top. I wont mind changing mine for a new one, Mayb after the first facelift in couple of years !! 🙂 Love BMW !

  8. look much cooler now….a bit like Z4….but much much better than the current 3 series…

  9. so how much will the greedy stelerships charge for this car here? 500k aed?

  10. looks aggressive!…

  11. ok guys.. which one is the 7 series?? and 5 series?? and 3 series… i am very confused now.. same rear end for the 3 cars! and same styling

  12. It got the look of a z4 + 5 series , let’s see how the coupe will look like… 🙂

  13. It seems like BMW have ran out of ideas on “different lookin’ rear”,at least,it looks way better from the old one ugly rear “talkin’ bout the sedan OFC”,overally,better lookin’ ,
    hope it perfroms better too 🙂

  14. I really hate this blog for the aggressive, biased and prejudiced nature of some of the comments..

  15. some people cant stand a different point of view…

    i think this why this site is so interesting… besides what is the alternative the dozens of UAE car magzines that are no more that rubber stamp publication of the car dealers?

  16. The BMW 3 series was always the best in its class in terms of design; for generations they always change the car completely when they release a new model.

    This is the first time they didn’t come up with a totally new car; just an evolution of the old model.

    Disappointing really; although the car looks good.

  17. how much is it ?

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