Nissan GT-R oozes out more power for 2012

Nissan GT-R oozes out more power for 2012

The Nissan GT-R is one sports car that never ceases to evolve. As much as it is loved by the masses, Nissan ensures that the GT-R is constantly being fine-tuned to constantly keep up with the constantly-changing supercar competition, thereby preserving the rich racing heritage created by its legendary predecessors. For 2012, the all-new GT-R resembles its first iteration only in the looks department. Under the shell however, things have changed.

The first change the GT-R sports is a revised 3.8-litre V6 twin-turbo motor with extra oomph. The power figures have now climbed to a prodigious 542 hp in European trim (545 hp in USA, 550 hp in Japan), with 632 Nm of torque between 3200 and 5800 rpm. With those figures, the new GT-R can whiz past 100 kph in a claimed 2.7 seconds, and can even shear off its own lap-times on the Nürburgring by upto an incredible 10 seconds. The increased power output is celebrated alongside improved fuel economy. Other perfections to the racing veins of the Nissan GT-R include a revised transmission, reinforced framework, asymmetric suspension settings in right-hand-drive models to compensate for driver’s weight, optional carbon ceramic brakes for exceptional stopping power, and usage of differential oil generally used in racing competitions.

Also available for right-hand-drive models is the “For Track Pack” for track enthusiasts, which removes the rear seats for shaving some weight off the GT-R, and revises the suspension settings while featuring extra brake cooling for both front and rear brakes, aluminium-alloy wheels from Nissan GT-R Spec-V with black quartz chrome colour coating, and an exclusive front spoiler with carbon air duct. Other upgrades include a rear view camera, BOSE Precision Sound System woofers and some fancy blue lighting inside the tachometer.

Set to debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, the new Nissan GT-R is not far from reaching the Japanese, GCC and European markets as a 2012 model, with the U.S. calling it a 2013 model. We expect it to be launched in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries by later next year.

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  1. Godzilla on extra dose of steroids….. :O

  2. The ugliest sports car ever.
    Thumb down if you agree.

    • If you see a world’s stongest man and if he looks ugly. Its not actually cared.

    • All the money has gone to the performance. You can see it is ugly outside, cheap inside, but a beast on the roads. You are only spending for the performance, just like GM’s Corvette!

    • I don’t get it. Which part of its interior is cheap?

    • If it drives like heavens, I dont care how it looks… As if a Porsche is a pretty car.. These are know as the ugliest most beautiful cars in the world!

      But as a consumer, I still cannot resist the charm the Porsches have regardless of how much the GTR is of a competition for the Porsche.. Its just this attention and engineering details I see in the Porsche that blow my mind..

      But the GTR will drive better in traffic especially that this engine is sitting in the front..

    • I love a car with all its faults and abilities..

      Fan-boys should stop and accept that no-car is perfect including the one they defend..

    • True….. If you love a car its definitely because you are ready to accept its cons (if it has any).

  3. Mash,
    Have u driven the GT-R?

  4. 0-100 kmph in 2.7 secs, Lord have mercy

  5. Ohhh myyy! This thing is a beast! What with all the improvements coming in the 2013 model…its just not fair. I have to have one.

  6. Amazing car @ any price
    A REAL bargain of the century @ the price it is being sold!

    • And the 911 still out-numbers the GTR on the race tracks and the roads… I still would honor some 50 year history of building high performance cars..

      You cannot build something in 10-15 years to rival something that has been a technological and engineering pioneer and still evolving for more than 50 years (Porsche).. Figures and numbers do not mean a thing to me, its the driving experience that speaks out loudly above everything else..

      History and Heritage has its value for a reason and you will never discover it until you sit behind the wheel.. I personally will never judge a car until I drive it..

    • nothing to add to this, ROJ! fully agree..

    • Yes its important that every carmaker has a halo car… And Nissan has its GTR but lets remember that its a shame that auto enthusiasts and racing communities is what actually gave the name GTR its value rather than being nurtured by Nissan itself at least on a global scale. Instead they left the previous GTRs collect dust on the shelf.. Now they revived it; still I find it was almost a fatal mistake to neglect such a superior machine, I believe it was a result of poor decision making. Until Carlos Gohsn made the call and brought back the car.
      And I personally was disappointed because the beast was tainted with alot of electronic gadgetry.. Even the GT3 comes with a manual for the least.

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