Most profitable vehicles worldwide since 1990

Most profitable vehicles worldwide since 1990

A list of the 12 most profitable vehicles since 1990 includes the most obvious candidates, namely premium German cars that are more expensive than they should be, and big American trucks that double as commercial vehicles, aside from some midsize sedans and aging sports cars.

According to a Bernstein Research report published by Automotive News Europe, the most profitable vehicles worldwide in the past two decades are:

1. Ford F-series/F-150
2. Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra
3. Dodge Ram
4. Mercedes S-Class
5. BMW 5-Series
6. BMW 3-Series
7. Mercedes-Benz E-Class
8. Lexus RX
9. Jeep Grand Cherokee
10. Honda Accord
11. Porsche 911
12. Toyota Camry

What do you think?



  1. and i thought camry was number 1 …

  2. What happened to the Land Cruiser?

  3. Japanese Car Wallayhi… HONDA ACCORD khuloom Thamma…..

  4. Please mention that research for USA only not worldwide. And most profitable cars for respected automakers.

  5. Land Crusier is not their because this is an all american list, put uae list landcrusier, patrol, sunny, corolla all will come, put south asian countries, suzuki and hyundai will top the list.

    • I don’t think so v6turbo (btw go for v8 so you don’t need it to be turbo charged) 😉

      Land Cruiser wouldn’t even make the cut. The first one would be toyota yaris, followed by the sunny, of course the hilux would follow etc.

      It’s all about economy of scale.

  6. Apart from USA, how many F150’s u can spot in other countries, Toyota Hilux pickup will top the list any day, From Afghanistan to USA its there everywhere.

  7. Author

    This is a European report. America is the largest car market in the world (recently beaten by China). And this report is about profitability, not just sales numbers. Enough said.

  8. Typical Rednecks, top 3 are trucks.

    • if this isn’t a racist remark!

      These are pick ups where you can use everywhere, obviously. for some people that actually do all chores themselves, pick ups would be the best choice.

      Try using your yaris (presuming you use this vehicle) to haul your stuff during rough weather and not calling any movers. Let’s see if you can still call those people that buy pick ups rednecks.

  9. Obviously all of the above are durable cars that soak infinite miles and the fact they last so long means they will require parts to keep them running… All of the above can easily cross the 500K kms if maintained and serviced properly..

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