Dial-A-Battery 24/7 mobile battery assistance in Dubai

Dial-A-Battery 24/7 mobile battery assistance in Dubai

Gone are those days when your car battery gives up on you in some no man’s land at a very wrong time, leaving you stranded for good, thanks to Dial-A-Battery, a new mobile assistance service offering complete automobile battery solutions on the move 24/7.

Upon encounter with bad luck, the customer is only required to get in touch with the Dial-A-Battery personnel via a dedicated toll-free number, who in turn will alert a dispatch team. Equipped with new batteries and, state-of-the-art battery testing equipment, tools and analysers, the Dial-A-Battery dispatch vehicles currently serve the emirate of Dubai.

The company contemplates expansion into the neighbouring emirates and into other GCC countries soon, keeping in line with their aims of being a “superhero-to-the-rescue” anywhere, anytime. The toll-free number to reach Dial-A-Battery is 800-24 7 365.

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  1. How much are they charging for that?

  2. most probably a lot more than the petrol stations charge for the same battery.

    do they deal in any specific brands of batteries?

  3. I called them and they are charging a lot more than your regular dealers and petrol stations.

    For a 75 AH battery I was quoted AED 600 :O and they only have the SOLITE brand.

  4. i dissagree with mr forkan i called them my car is daihatsu 2006 and they told me that charges for the battery and delivery and test my car battery and replce it all that for only
    300 dhs !!!!!
    and they have solite battery with 1 year warrenty

  5. Called Dial-A-Battery on Friday morning to get a replacement and the service was great.
    Prompt response, returned my call in no time to advice on price and when the technician can arrive to my house.
    Mechanic was at mine door step at agreed hour, quick professional work. Total bill charge was AED 450, for new battery, delivery and installation.

  6. Came in 45 min, checked the battery first to make sure it was dead, cost 540AED, for GMC YUKON.

    Saved the taxi fare to buy a new battery and the hassel of fitting in 40deg heat and took the old battery away.

    Solite battery that they factory fit in new Kia’s.

    The service was very good.

  7. Fantastic service…extremely satisfied…enquiry call to battery replacement , everything done in under 1.5 hours with courteous staff responses. I do not mind paying a small charge for this service as against driving to a garage , looking around , sitting around etc etc…highly recommended…

  8. Called them for toyota land cruiser totally dead battery arrived in 45 mins and fixed for aed 585. Well worth it, especialy as it was 50 degrees outside, the guy asked us to sit in hia AC van while he was fitting the battery

  9. Great team. called, turned up after an hour ( he was on a job or it prob would have been much sooner ) battery test and confirmed as needing replacement, new battery in and car now starts much much better ( its been getting sluggish for a time ) all in 600 and thats for a battery for a range rover 4.4 V8 Sport. Which i dont think is to bad. And as other people have said, much much better than hanging around petrol stations, or bartering in Sharjah.
    I highly recommend

  10. I would highly recommend this company. I was stuck with 2 children, a car that would not start and a husband that was out of the country fo a week and unable to help! I found Dial-A-Battery on the internet. The service was prompt and professional and all in cost less than 600dhs for a Ford Expedition. Thank you very much for the rescue 🙂

  11. Good day,
    I have the following queries:
    – What battery brands do you have for a Hyundai Accent car and what are the prices?
    – Does your mobile team accepts credit card payment?
    – How much would you charge for just jumpstarting a car?
    As I think my battery is still under warranty. The problem is I have not used the car for several days and its now stucked in the basement parking of my building in Al Qusais.

    Please respond.

    Thank you.

    Jun Centeno

  12. Thank you Dial-A-Battery for responding to my queries by phone.
    It has been very helpful and very much appreciated.
    Many thanks once again.
    All the best.

  13. Much appreciated.

    Bit high but reliable and professional. Worth going with this guys.

    Good Service.

    Stalin G

  14. What brilliant service. Second time I have used you guys and it was a breeze! Johnson…your technician is so very friendly and efficient. Most defo recommend you to anyone and everyone!!!


  15. this is the good service.

  16. Came back from holiday, low battery (1.5 years old), called, 100 AED to come and check or jump as necessary, less than 1 hour later, showed up, needed new battery due low cranking power, paid 600 AED total for new 1 year warranty Solite battery. Kia car so same battery. Very pleased (would have been happier @ 300 AED……ha….) from start to finish. Great team! Thanks very much!

  17. Good day,
    I have the following queries:
    – What battery brands do you have for a Audi A4 2.4L 6 CYLINDER Convertible car 2003 model)and what are the prices?
    – Does your mobile team accepts credit card payment?

    Please respond.

    Thank you.

    Anoop Sugathan

    050 3497831
    [email protected]

  18. Hi,

    Do you have a battery for Ford Escape 2009 model? What will be the cost and how much time will take to fix in Al Quoz are? Will you accept CC?

    Please let me know.



  19. Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for the valuable feedback.

    For any inquiries about battery replacement in the UAE, please call us at 800-24-7-365 so we can get some information from you to provide you with a quote and timeframe. We are open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and 365 days/year.

    – The Dial-A-Battery Team
    800 24 7 365

    • Hello, I live in Barsha 3 near the Saudi German hospital. I have a 2003 E500 that needs either a jump start or a battery replacement. Not sure. Do you provide a jump start if required, or only repalcement? In case of repalcement, what is the estimated total cost? And if jump start is required, what is the cost? Appreciate your feedback.

    • Hi Nabil,

      Please call us at 800 24 7 365 so we can help with your query.


      – The Dial-A-Battery Team
      800 24 7 365

  20. Fast and reliable. … value for money. …. good job ali snd the team

  21. Great service – thanks you. Johnson arrived in 35 minutes and I was back on the road within the hour of my call. Will absolutely use again & recommend their services.

  22. Great service. Woke up and found the car battery dead in the morning. Called up dial-a-battery and they came even earlier than the time they had promised on phone. Special thanks to Johnson for the quick and efficient service.

  23. I had a dead battery on a Friday afternoon. I called 5 times and no on. Picked up. I left a message on their.Facebook account only to get a reply saying “sorry did not have phone.was with family at hospital” not.professional. And certainly not reliable.

    • Hi Hayssam,

      Sorry for the your unpleasant experience.

      We just want to double check if you actually called Dial-A-Battery at 800 24 7 365 or if you called a different car battery replacement company?

      Let us know so that we can look into it and make sure it never happens again.

      We take professionalism very seriously at Dial-A-Battery and we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.


      – The Dial-A-Battery Team

  24. Dear Sir

    I need a new battery for my car it is a 2008 VW eos 3.2 V6, I cant even find the battery in the car to check it never had this problem before can you please advise if you can supply new and fit and approx. cost thank you



    • Hi Angelo,

      Please call us at 800 24 7 365 so we can guide you through this and provide you the cost.


      – The Dial-A-Battery Team

  25. Used Dial-a-Battery twice, once each on both my cars after being recommended by a friend) and their service is prompt.

    All those having inhibitions about the battery brand, Solite, they all work great. Have been using one for about a year now on my CL500 and its running perfect. Almost a year means it cud be time for another one since battery these days dont last for a 366th day but so far so good!

    Keep it up guys!

    • Hi Kamran,

      Thanks for trusting in us to help! We’re very lucky to have such incredible customers like yourself!

      – The Dial-A-Battery Team

  26. Great service! From 90 mins of my call my battery was changed and I was ready to go.
    The cost was no more than if I had gone and got it myself and without the hassle. Paul, the service man, was very helpful and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these guys.

    • Hi Jacquie,

      Thanks so much for the positive feedback! We really appreciate it 🙂

      It was a pleasure to service you. We’ll also let Paul know what you said – he’ll be thrilled!

      Have a wonderful day!

      – The Dial-A-Battery Team

  27. I have a GTI 2012, They wanted to charge me 600 AED to change the battery with a brand named “Solite” Korean. I searched for other sources and I found these Guys : http://www.batterymobile.ae/contact.html, they charge 620 AED for Duracell European brand. Your Call 🙂

    • Hi Hays,

      Thanks for the comments.

      Our prices are very competitive for the extra care we provide to our customers. Our charges include battery cost, delivery and installation charges. Our brand ‘Solite‘ is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Hyundai and KIA and is one of the leading brands in the world.

      You can get our services at your doorstep, by trained professionals using state-of-the-art testing devices and a product we back 100%. Also with having a fully functional Quality Control department, we are able to deal with Claims swiftly and on time.

      In conclusion, we appreciate your valuable feedback and hope this explains why our pricing is competitive for the level of service we provide.

      – The Dial-A-Battery Team
      800 24 7 365

  28. I want to replace my Honda City 2004 car battery what would be the charges its lying in Deira Dubai.

    • Hi Murtaza,

      Please call us at 800 24 7 365 and it would be our pleasure to provide you with a quote!

      – The Dial-A-Battery Team
      800 24 7 365

  29. Your technician just completed the battery replacement so literally 1 hour after I placed the call.

    He was courteous, helpful and efficient. On cost, the whole thing was nearly AED 250 less than my dealer had quoted.

    Thank you Dial-A-Battery for exceeding my expectations. Your radio advertisement was effective.

  30. its perfect ,yesterday i was so worry of how to move the car and losing time by dropping it to the agency to change the battery , i was so excited when i found this website and couldn’t believe that the review can be real !! until Mr Jos reach my place earlier than the expected time , and change the battery in very professional way in very short time!! less than half an hour i was driving my car and the charges are so much reasonable ,actually its cheaper than going to workshop or agency , i recommend this for everyone in Dubai !

  31. Today (20th Feb,2014) was not my day. After sumptuous lunch me and my colleague realized that the battery was dead. An emirati pulled over to give the car a jump start but in vain. The battery had aged beyond its life. My colleague suggested I called 800DAB and I was thrilled to know a service of this nature existed. We had wasted 1 hour and I had 1 hour left for my post lunch meeting in media city. Believe it or not I had my battery status checked and new battery fixed in 10mins flat. I was good to go and cherished professional assistance. I will never forget that I could have lost a 210,000 $USD deal if I hadn’t made in time. Highly recommended without a doubt. UAE is great place Overall. 6 years and counting. Alhamdulliah.

  32. hi,

    ineed battery for bmw 530i 2004 model, please give price wiht insualtion ?

  33. Good day,
    I have the following queries:
    – What battery brands do you have for a Honda City 2005 car and what are the prices?
    – Does your mobile team accepts credit card payment?
    – How much would you charge for just jumpstarting a car?
    The problem is I have not used the car for several days and its now stuck in parking at Al Majarrah Sharjah.

    Appreciate your quick response.

    [email protected]

  34. the service is great and the employees are great especially Ahmad for showing great service and effort

  35. Paul arrived 35 mins after I called (even though I said it wasn’t urgent). Excellent test equipment determined that a new battery was required. His attention to detail, cleanliness and professionalism are a credit to your company.

    Not only will I use you guys again, but I have put your number in my phone and will recommend you to all my friends and colleagues. Great work. Customer Service is alive and well in Dubai.

  36. My battery died yesterday – Called Dial a Batt in the evening after work. They came to my place – excellent service person: friendly and very helpful. The complete cost for the call out and battery etc – 450. That’s chaeaper than any battery I have bought over last 6-7 years. I used to use guys in Satwa but never again as they obviously charge expat premium!

  37. Guys you can also check 800battery.net. I have a 2009 mitsu outlander and the battery died flat this morning. I called dial-a-battery and they quoted AED550 with service for Solite, another company quated AED360 to Bekon (made in indonesia). But I decided to go with battery.net who installed ACDelco battery for AED445 with one year warranty. They are very prompt and the service is excellent. By the way, for Solite their price is AED395 with installation.

  38. Excellent service. I am very much impressed with your perfect service..Hashir

  39. Smashing service ! Prompt friendly and professional, Range Rover dead battery checked and replaced inside of 20 mins from arrival. All this while I was able to sit in my office and continue working. Highly recommended.

  40. Dear Sir,

    Can you kindly give me a price for replacing the battery for my Ford Edge SUV 3.5 Litre.


  41. Recently used their service when my car broke down in dubai mall. Remembered the D.A article and was able to get the contact number easily. Their customer care informed their person will reach me within one hour and the service was good. Considering the service they are providing price is reasonable.

  42. Amazing service! good price! Came to the rescue very quickly.

  43. I need battery for Mitsubishi Lancer 1997 in DSO

  44. Informative . I am likely to be in Dubai during automechaica .How can I meet you.

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