Dodge Dart replaces Caliber as 2013 model

Dodge Dart replaces Caliber as 2013 model

This is the Dodge Dart, a new compact car based on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Chrysler’s buyout by Fiat are finally paying dividends.

Details are sketchy at this point as preliminary information leaks out. The red Dart is the R/T model while the white Dart is a Limited model. It is based on a enlarged version of the Alfa platform to fit fatter Americans.

Chrysler has already announced three different engines, including a 2.0-litre, a 1.4-litre “MultiAir” turbo and a 2.4-litre “MultiAir”, all 4-cylinder motors. A 9-speed automatic transmission may become optional on some, alongside a 6-speed manual and another automatic.

More on the car will be revealed at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. So far, it is unknown if the Dart is destined for GCC markets.

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  1. why does it look like a sonata from the front ??

    still it looks nice though..

    and if i read it right: 9 SPEED GEARBOX !!

  2. Looks like nice premium interiors.
    Japanese should learn a lot in design factor. Forced to buy them for sole resale reason as expat.

  3. Wait a “9 speed automatic” !!

  4. hey nw dats de sexiest car in its segment..

  5. The car looks really good and promising.
    The show-stopper of this article: 9-speed automatic gearbox! Epic!

  6. Looks handsome for a compact car.

  7. the red one is gorgeous

  8. nice design, dont like the red color though

  9. a worthy cruze competitor…

    • How can someone call it as a competitor for cruze?? Check the specs first.. and also the design. The only negative for this car tat too from the US is engine not warming up at minus degrees (which is not a worrying factor here as we live in a desert). Else everything is in favor.. good power and superb engine response!! 2.4 T is also available tat too wit 180+ bhp. Wat else u need for 65,000-90,000 range???

  10. Price in UAE? Any guesses?

  11. Expected Price is 60K or about

  12. nice car, but there no point in calling it a Dodge Dart. There is absolutely no DNA between the original ‘Dart’ and this car. Dodge did well with the DNA on the Charger and Challenger – hence their names. But this ‘Dart’ is just a small sporty car – abeit a nice one. Call it something else, like the “Veloce” or “Sportivo” or “Carino” … it’s never going to be a ‘Dart’ to me. I drove a 1967 Dodge Dart.

  13. how was the drive

  14. this car looks like the it was copied from the hyundai accent

  15. I can’t find these car ” Dodge Dart ” in Dubai,UAE at all !! I want to know the price and from where can I buy it please .. Thank you!

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