Lexus RX 350 gets 2013 facelift

Lexus RX 350 gets 2013 facelift

It seems that Lexus is sticking that new corporate grille of theirs on every existing model now. It is now the turn of the 2013 Lexus RX 350 to get the “Predator” grille that first debuted on the 2012 GS 350.

These images were leaked from a Japanese brochure. Changes seem limited to the front only though, with some slightly-redone tail lamps and new wheels maybe. The interior and mechanicals remain the same. But there is a new F-Sport package available too, with a body kit and possibly sportier suspension as well.

Expect the 2013 RX 350 to come to the GCC by late summer.

Keep track of future UAE prices in the Lexus RX buyer guide.

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  1. This is definitely one of the best corporate grill designs out there.

  2. im really liking the new grille on the lexuses and it really makes their cars look more eye catching than their older designs that were just boring and it differentiates a Lexus from a normal Toyota.

  3. All this hype for a grill????? frankly i think it is the beginning of the end for lexus dominance for luxury segment, with this move they remind me of Mistubishi when they took the nose of lancer and started to stick it on all their other models, I checked the GS and its interior is so much hyped, first, stupid color combinations, and this mouse thing that controls the screen (also found in the RX above) is lifeless, you feel like it is broken and moving around by itself, it even may move by itself if you go over a speed hump or a pothole, and for the exterior ….. you see and decide yourself

  4. For a reason, I just pass by and never bothered to pay attention to this car.

    It just looks too anonymous.

  5. The 2013 RX 350 looks lovely–Does anybody know if we can book it now and when will it be available in Dubai??–It seems that Riyadh will have it by September 2012- Thank you for answering asap

  6. Audi has the same front grille and interior (with small changes) for all their models. Same for other manufactureres and its certainly a trend now.
    I like this new Lexus grille. If before RX was considered a feminine looking car, that is all gone now with this agressive look. Smart move from Lexus.

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