Honda CR-V 2012 European version revealed

Honda CR-V 2012 European version revealed

Honda has released photos of the European CR-V prototype ahead of its launch at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March.

The all-new fourth generation concept, which will hit the market in late 2012, showcases the exterior styling direction of the Euro-spec CR-V, which is slightly different from the American version that is already on sale in the States.

It is likely that this version is the one that will come to our GCC markets, but then again, Honda is importing more cars from the U.S. nowadays to keep prices down. We expect a UAE launch in the next couple of months.

Keep track of updates in the Honda CR-V buyer guide.

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  1. Check out the new upcoming pics of Nissan Pathfinder on

  2. the side profile reminds me “vaguely” of the VW Tiguan !

  3. The rear side looks somewhat like a Volvo XC series.

  4. Hunchback…ugly as usual

  5. Fornt look good compared to outgoing one, but
    rear is Ugly to say the least. Some one hint Honda to copy rear from RX-350 in future.

  6. there seems no difference between european and us ones

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