2013 Nissan Altima further revealed

2013 Nissan Altima further revealed

Here are further official pictures of the 2013 Nissan Altima sedan. The new styling is rather aggressive with much of the silhouette and details borrowed from its pricier sibling, the Maxima.

The car is said to be lighter and will have a revised CVT transmission. Powertrain-wise, the new 2.5-litre 4-cylinder features variable timing on both cams and a composite variable-volume intake manifold to broaden the torque curve. The engine is lighter and features a magnesium oil pan and a smart-charging alternator, and peak output has increased to 182 hp. The 270 hp 3.5-litre remains unchanged, but also gets improved fuel economy thanks to the new CVT.

The American-built 2013 Altima is expected to reach dealerships in Saudi Arabia, UAE and other GCC countries as early as August tentatively.

Keep track of future updates in the Nissan Altima buyer guide.

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  1. paddle shifters for a cvt ? genius nissan..not quite.

    • My Audi 2.0T has it also. I do use it when I need to brake hard or for faster acceleration. Actually is fun because it “changes” gear very fast.

  2. Korean Alternative to Maxima 😀

  3. The old Altima already felt dangerously light… I dont know if reducing the weight further was such a great decision.

  4. And…..they assume we would buy this over the koreans, yeah rite 😛 as if nissan, as if!

    • Well if you want good design and cheap materials instead of quality then I suppose Korean cars will do. Compare a Jap vs Kor vehicle after say 5yrs the build quality is much more durable on the Jap vehicle. A good example Camry & Sonata taxi’s.

    • Well said, Safa.
      I agree about that. You just cant compare them.

  5. sunny front and maxima back…come on nissan…first the juke. And then this? altima is ruined. same fate with civic,camry,crv,corolla…how can this compete with Kias Optima or Hyundai’s Sonata?

  6. The front looks like lexus to me. However, Id buy over over the new camry.

  7. so what happens to the maxima ?

    • maxima would become infiniti 😛
      dont even bother to ask about infinity
      in the end they all end up lookin like juke hahaha
      Juke : egg of an elephant

  8. at least interior is acceptable now… far better than the older one. ok

  9. price?…if it is marginally cheaper than camry than it will be a hit

  10. nice car would buy it if it did not have the taxi car of UAE image.

  11. Ruined the whole outlook.

    cheap exterior design with those indicator lamps at the skirt.

    so cheap design..don,t you guys have a better design ? can’t compete with Sonata..

  12. To all those Sonata lovers: how many of you guys actually bought a sonata?

  13. got a point i havent seen that many sonatas on the road….

  14. serioulsy sonatas ,optimas and cadenzas are gr8 looking and cheap too….buts its hard 2 see em on roads comapared 2 camrys, altimas ….why is it that way?….:O….:P

  15. ok its all clear now. 2008 Nissan Altima 3.5se rules

  16. Everyone already knows what sells more, some people will start comparing other will ask for proofs, while Nissan will anyway sell the car it wants too, even now jukes have slowly started appearing on road, some idot told Armada production will stop in 2010, its midway 2012 and still brand new Armada’s on road, still popular still normal but steady sales.

    • Nissan had actually confirmed that they will kill the Armada in 2010, when sales were low in the recession. Now it is just dragging on unchanged as overall car sales have increased.

  17. No need to compare to any specific car, but nissans in general have worse reliability compared to others and always suffer from cheap interior built quality, chronic problems in suspension, and also electric issues dooming them that is why it comes always behind honda and toyota even in the price range, so it is legitimate i think to compare nissans to Korean cars rather than other japanese cars

    • samer, i have a nissan. Its been up and running for 4 years now. No issues yet. Suspension absorbs great and electrics work fine.
      Well, if i ride it in this fashion it will last for another decade or so.

  18. Its hard to put a finger on realiability as it is objectively hard to measure. However, going by Consumer Reports surveys Nissan seems to equally reliable as Toyota and Honda and the Altima is one of their most highly ranked reliable cars. Based on this, it is quite possible that this Altima will be my next car. Honda as a company is a on a downhill trend so I don’t expect much from the 2013 Accord which will come with a CVT. The camry is great but the Altima beats it in Engine power, great dreamy CVT, acceleration, fuel efficiency. However the comfortable and silenced cabin with great seats of the camry is gonna be hard to beat. Hopefully the Altima undercuts it on price……..

  19. Last gen Altima was probably the best in terms of exterior .. I mean the one without this stupid CVT gearbox when are we going to see Japanese cars with DSG already? .. Or maybe a V8 American with DSG … Muahahahah

  20. Are the reports about failing CVTs of Altima true? I want to know from an Altima owner.

    • I have a friend who altima sometimes just refuses to go behind 140 kmh, he lives in Abu Dhabi and works in Dubai and sometimes he wants to go beyond 140kmh, he went to the dealer and he told him it is a “safety feature” to protect the CVT transmission when it is overheated???!!!! and for reliability, I owned altima before, it never stopped in the middle of street of course, but I changed the engine isolators twice, the transmission isolator once, one drive shaft along with other problems like the intake sensor (this is chronic in old altimas), belt tensioner and once I washed the car and the transmission was dead for 2 days then it came back to life all these problems before putting 100 k on the odo … ah I forgot to say two vents in the dash were broken as they were made of hard plastic that is harder than tic tac boxes

    • Sad, Nissan Middle East is procuring most of its models from the U.S. plant now.

  21. It would be a shame to compare it to the optima n sonata…..no more words

  22. what abt comparing new Mazda 6 with Sonata and rest ???

  23. When is the 2013 Altima coming on road in Dubai? Any guess on prices?

  24. Coming Sept 12 onwards

  25. Will the V6 option be available in GCC?

  26. How much will the 2013 Altima be priced at in U.A.E?

  27. Any update on release date in UAE ??

  28. @ Mashfique – hw authentic is da news?

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