Vilner makes the ‘Predator’ out of the BMW F800R

Vilner makes the ‘Predator’ out of the BMW F800R

Europe-based custom bike builder Vilner have taken the BMW F800R and reworked it. They call it the Predator.

The Russian entrepreneur who ordered for the custom bike, received the keys to the redesigned BMW bike that was shortened by a good 25 mm, a big plus for agility.

In all, 17 new details were made of which 9 were carbon-based and 8 were finished in chrome. They orphaned the pillion leaving only the rider’s seat and gave the headlamps some serious rework, adding some bi-xenons in the process. The standard bulbs have been replaced by red LEDs and the BMW Z4 turn signal indicators have made it here.

The frame utilised is made of aluminium and stopping power comes from 320 mm brake rotors.

Although the mechanicals remain mostly unchanged, the Predator gets a hand-crafted exhaust system. All 87 horses produced from the 800 cc engine is capable of pushing the 177 kg bike upto 200 kph. The increase in the bike’s mass is only 6.5 kg, thanks to the carbon-fibre detailing.

This reincarnation of the BMW F800R was designed at BG studio.

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