Big old Ford Expedition gets surprise increase in 2012 sales

Big old Ford Expedition gets surprise increase in 2012 sales

The Ford Expedition is ancient in car years. Dating back to a 2003 design that was mildly updated for 2007, the 2013 Ford Expedition still uses a 310 hp 5.4-litre V8, thankfully mated to a 6-speed automatic and a proper four-wheel-drive system. After years of barely being seen on Middle East roads, we’re told the Expedition is experiencing a revival of sorts in the GCC, even as it nears the end of its life-cycle.

According to Ford Middle East, demand for Ford’s full-size SUV in the GCC has more than doubled in the first half of 2012, more so at the start of this summer. Sales in the GCC grew 130%, so it is easily accounting for a large chunk of average sales growth for Ford overall. In the UAE itself, year-to-date sales grew by 50% over last year.

A quick peek at the specs sheet reveals why. The 310 hp 5.4-litre Expedition isn’t really that different compared to its direct rivals, such as the 320 hp 5.3-litre Chevrolet Tahoe. The Expedition is also more spacious than the clumsily-packaged Tahoe, with four-wheel-independent suspension and a flat-folding rear seat. Add to that the fact the huge Expedition starts at only Dhs 115,000, a fair bit less than the price of the sparkly new Ford Explorer, and it starts to make more sense, even if it is dressed up in hard plastics inside, just like the Tahoe and the Sequoia.

We also heard from sources in Saudi Arabia that Ford lost a lot of customers when the really-ancient Crown Victoria was killed last year. Ford has been doing their best to redirect these people to other products, and we believe more of them prefer the Expedition as a replacement rather than the Taurus. Of course, being continuously bombarded by TV ads for the Expedition also helps.

For detailed specs, check out the Ford Expedition buyer guide.

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  1. I would go for the Full Options Ford Explorer (even though its abt 178K!)
    To me it seems to be the best REAL SUV in the Dxb market!!

    • New ford Explorer a real SUV!!!
      1. Unibody
      2. No diff lock
      3. No low gear
      4. Based on FWD platform
      It will never be a real SUV
      I think you dont know what a real SUV is

    • He probably meant “real suv FOR the DXB market”…temme how many of them would really know / care about a body on frame, diff-locks and low-range gear!

  2. @AWS

    Wikipeia “SUV”, u shall learn a lot!!:)

    Also, as per US sales,
    Ford Explorer is 3 times that of Ford Expedition
    Again, wikipedia!;)

    Finally, it was MY view. I dont need to justify it to YOU why i would prefer an Explorer, but I have test driven one & hence commented!

    Ohh and I would love to know more about the 4 points u said. Were they all in context to Offroading? I dont have much knowledge in that and apparently even wikipedia doesnt!:P

  3. since the new explorer lost its Body on frame construction and Excursion discontinued. Expedition is the last true SUV in ford lineup.

  4. I had used Al tayer travels for desert safari. Al tayer being Ford dealer sent an exepdition. I must admit it was quite comfortable. I am almost 6 feet and sitting in the last row was comfortable even while dune bashing enough leg and head space.

    Did not like the interiors though

  5. My take on why Expedition is making waves now. I believe it’s because the market is missing the old Ford Explorer. It had that grand look which the new Explorer doesn’t have.

    • to be honest: i think their very smart TV commercials have quite a bit to do with this too.

      they make the car seem brand new and up-to-date..

  6. any idea when a new expedition will be released? for 2014 or even later??

  7. The videos they have on their website seem very convincing, makes me wonder why would i ever even splash 200k on a basic model LC then..

  8. Ummmmmmmmmmmm ………….. what is the price of ford expedition xlt 4×4 in uae ? pls dnt give me the no of the dealer or smthin cuz ryt nw im in ksa ……. pls mail me [email protected] ………… it wud be a gr8 help thx 😉

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