So we got a 2012 Ram 1500 Laramie

So we got a 2012 Ram 1500 Laramie

We were planning on taking a hiatus from testing any more cars for the summer, but when the man from Chrysler offered me a Ram 1500 for the long weekend, I casually agreed to take it off his hands. I remember it being a handful to drive the last time I tried it, back when it was still called a “Dodge” Ram, so I wasn’t too keen on driving it again. But I was wrong.

It seems that after my 2-month stint with the 2011 Infiniti QX56 last year, I’ve actually become quite adept at driving villa-sized cars without flinching. So much so that as soon as I slipped behind the wheel, I was easily manouevring around tight parking garages and chucking it through gaps in traffic like it was a Toyota Yaris. But of course, I am probably exaggerating.

Once the real parking test came though, in a tight shopping mall lot that required a full U-turn to get into the corner space, it failed utterly, and I could not do anything about it without blocking traffic on a busy weekend, so I just made sure it wasn’t affecting anyone else.

As for features, this Ram Laramie is very similar to the 2010 Dodge Ram Laramie we tested before, down to the “Dodge” badge still on the dash, except that this one has the excellent ‘Ram Box’ option for storing groceries, as well as the rear DVD screen for your wannabe-redneck kids.

This one even has optional extra-wide mirrors integrating some blind-spot mirrors to make sure you don’t run into unseen Ferraris and Minis on the next lane, and they can also be used to knock over pedestrians if you feel like it.

Truth be told, this truck was a load of fun. More in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. Great review. Third pic is pic of the year. And please people once you shop put the trolley back in stand or atleast somewhere in corner where the trolley guy can collect them, not at the sides and rear of any vehicle. In any given day when shopping mall parking is full , and one of the vehicles leaves or turns the trolley is bound to scratch at least 2 cars adjacent, including the one which hits it towards others.

  2. at malls park far far away from all, lots of parking and no trolley problems. lesser chances of ur car getting hit and good exercise as well when you endure the long walk to the entrance.

    nice pickup mash, lol@knocking over pedestrians haha

  3. Oh, how I wish there was a “FJ Box” for my groceries !! Good thinking here by the Americans.

  4. why do you need such car if you are not a farmer or a construction worker?

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