Short review: Car detailing at Farba Guard Dubai

Short review: Car detailing at Farba Guard Dubai

Much noise was made about Farba Guard possibly giving preferential treatment to Mashfique’s trusty 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee when it went in for a detailing job last year and that the same quality was not provided to other customers. To silence all that, and just because we had the opportunity to avail the discounted DriveArabia price, we grabbed a friends’ 2007 Ford Focus for some pampering.

Bought second-hand in 2011, we doubt the Focus has ever been properly cleaned up. Having racked up over 160,000 km in its life, this car has seen some serious abuse. A three-day trip to Farba Guard that also included a paint job to the front bumper; the car was back all cleaned up. Without expecting miracles, we were pleased with the job done. The swirl marks had reduced, the engine bay was sparkling clean, while the interior smelled fresh. We were slightly disappointed with the seats not being cleaner, but seeing what state they were in earlier, it was a huge improvement. Overall the whole experience was quite positive with good customer service and on-time delivery. They might not be perfect, but we’ve seen worse jobs for more.

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  1. Can I know how much the whole treatment costed ?…I need the same for my camry 2006 !

  2. how much did they charge?

    • It’s worth Dhs 900 (not including painting). We had a much lower offer price for DriveArabia MyRide forum users, which has already ended.

  3. Dear Customer,
    Please do visit us for getting the seats cleaned again. Will not take much time to clean those slight marks as they are soak marks of water on the fabric.
    Thank you !!!
    Apology for inconvenience.
    Farba Guard

  4. We paid AED333/-. Can’t remember what the original price is.

  5. is the offer still there for DA customers?

  6. Well,they’re not recommended for a really professional job. They dont know a lot of things and dont admit it until you remove your wallet for job-not-done. For guys who do detailing these guys have absolutely no concept of cleanliness!! How would you like your clean spotless beige seats ruined with atleast 3 different workshop people who are stinking and soaking wet in their overall seated comfortably on those seats? Well that’s jus what happened to mine and my seats really took a couple of days to rid itself of the sweaty stink and marks…. pay more and go for someone really preofessional or pay less and go to guys who’d do the same anyways…

    • You are requested to contact either us (link at the bottom of this page) or Farba Guard again to get a complimentary redo. If we don’t get a response, we will assume this is yet another fake “review” by a competitor and it will be deleted.

  7. Well I’ve given my review based on a personal experience and it also so happens that I wouldn’t want a complimentary redo simply because I’d have liked it done properly the first time around. I don’t know if their competition does whatever but you can remove my comment if you’d like to. Better not ask for a opinion if an opinion is considered as “fake review” rite?

    • A real customer would come back and get it redone for free, not leave it as it is or pay elsewhere to do it again. Again, the owner will treat you right if you go back and get it fixed. We’ve had enough fake “reviews” in the past, all of which are still posted in the previous FarbaGuard story, so it becomes harder to figure out fake from real. Others have posted details of their experience in our forums. We know the owner well and they are now our detailing partner, but we still posted this unbiased review from a paying customer.

  8. Had my 2002 Pajero SWB cleaned by those guys before selling it. They did a really good job, and I was able to get a better price thanks to them.
    I used the cobone offer which I paid 329 AED.

    I bought another Pajero (2008 this time, and 3.8L !) this morning and already fixed an appointment with Farba. This time I’ll pay the full price, 600 AED (I asked for a discount, didn’t mention DA yet).

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