Fiat Bravo 2013 prototype testing in the UAE

Fiat Bravo 2013 prototype testing in the UAE

This here is a Fiat Bravo. We wouldn’t have given it a second look when we spotted it a month ago, except that it had all these weird wires taped onto the exterior. Indeed, it’s possibly a GCC-spec prototype of the 2013 model.

Sitting outside the Chrysler Middle East headquarters in Dubai, it makes sense because Fiat and Chrysler are pretty much one company now, and Chrysler’s local office in the UAE is now handling Fiat apparently, though without any fanfare. After making a comeback in the GCC with a media test-drive in Abu Dhabi back in 2010, the Fiat Bravo quietly disappeared again.

This specific Fiat Bravo seems to be some kind of special model, with LEDs on the bumper and “M-RACE” stickers on the doors, none of which we could find any information about, so it might actually be an upcoming 2013 model.

We expect the Bravo to make a second comeback to the GCC by next year.

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