Dubai Police modifies cars for all contingencies

Dubai Police modifies cars for all contingencies

There isn’t much info attached to this photo released by the Dubai Police. It seems to show a heavily-modified GMC Suburban fit for almost military-grade use.

In a poorly-rewritten story by Khaleej Times, the car was apparently one of several prototypes of all sorts built by the General Mechanical and Workshops Department of the Dubai Police as some sort of showcase for the top brass.

According to the news report, the 18 other in-house prototypes include a bus to “promote sportsmanship” and a police car with an “electronic display screen”, though no mention is made of the features that make up the pictured GMC. We suspect it is designed to take on “revolutionary” types.

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  1. AWESOME !!! they shud add more like minigun, rocket launcher, granade launcher … makes me remember about warhammer from ironman …

  2. Awsome! Would the Police modify my car? I can pay them!

  3. ‘revolutionary’ types. so this stuff is being developed to suppress the people and keep power in the paws of the current **? when will the middle east join the 21st century? the ‘status quo’ of money *** makes a mockery of islam and is laughed at by the western world.


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