Kia Cadenza 2013 facelift revealed

Kia Cadenza 2013 facelift revealed

The 2013 Kia Cadenza full-size sedan has just been revealed. Slotting in above the midsize Kia Optima and under the even-larger Kia Quoris, the new Cadenza looks to be just a facelift of the current model, with a new interior as well.

The Cadenza shares its architecture with the 2012 Hyundai Azera, so it’s a front-wheel-drive entry-level luxury sedan. It’ll be offered with a direct-injection 293 hp, 3.3-litre V6 in U.S. and Korean markets, mated to a 6-speed automatic. Unfortunately, it is likely that GCC markets will continue to get a weaker engine with no direct injection.

The 2013 Cadenza will officially debut at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show next month. It should hit showrooms in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman early next year.

Keep track of updates in the Kia Cadenza buyer guide.

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  1. Imitating other brands as always. Now BMW.

  2. There is absoluetely NOTHING in this car that is taken from BMW.

    It looks wonderful and must I add, better than a BMW as well.

    • Hmm…better than BMW…Big claim my man..!

      Are you a shareholder of Kia or just the biggest FAN BOY in the world?? 😛

    • QOUTE :

      “There is absoluetely NOTHING in this car that is taken from BMW”

      you do realise you just shot your self in the foot?..

      i have would been impressed if they copied BMW high quality feel and tech…. there is nothing wrong in coping from the best in the business…

      it isnt some Lada or Padmini Premier we are talking about… it BMW for crying out loud!.

    • You just need to look the antenna on the roof to make out where the inspiration comes from. Having said that, i think kia was always aimed at Audi/BMW i.e. youthful audience and hyundai at Mercedes/Lexus i.e. classy/prestige buyers

  3. It looked good as it is, didn’t need a facelift IMO.

    I see the new C7 Audi A6 from the rear

  4. Nose reminds me of the BMW 6 series

  5. For guys who dont know this the designer of the this kia is same as the designer of audi so they payed him to design there cqr which nothing wrong

  6. those front lights seem to be taken outta beemer lol.
    i guess the face lift was lifted from the
    wannabe car brands miskein.

  7. I liked everything about the facelift , except the front? why did kia do this ? the front was awesome as it is

  8. oh and just to add, those claim that Kia copied BMW , look to what Hondo done to their Accord , they copied the rear of Genesis Sedan . What Shame !

    • Not to forget, old lexus being copy of old benzes, new Ford sedans having that Aston Martin Grill, New Civic bum being previous generation camary like and Camary itself having some sort of civic front lights LoL, seems apart from some good designs inbetween all manufacturers lost the touch. Funny we find so much resemblance amongst car designs, but manufacturers don’t + they don’t put case also against each other.

  9. Bmw owners must be in a state of shock now. But its not really looking like bmw. I think its way better.

  10. Bravo I like that . It’s look like BMW . Nice options.

  11. I am an owner of a brand new 2013 BMW 535xi, black sapphire metallic. I saw the Kia Cadenza. It is a cheap copycat knockoff and in no way will ever rival a BMW. Comparing Kia to BMW is laughable. It’s like saying Kim Kardashian is like Kate Middleton.

    • KIA may one day build a car which may even look better than a BMW. But KIA can never build a car which performs like a BMW. There are more than a thousand look alikes to Micheal Jackson, but none did conquer the Pop world.

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