Cadillac XTS 2013 recalled, may affect UAE & GCC

Cadillac XTS 2013 recalled, may affect UAE & GCC

The 2013 Cadillac XTS was just launched in the GCC, but the car is already having its first recall, involving the headrests.

General Motors is recalling over 12,000 Cadillac XTS models built between October 12, 2011 and August 30, 2012, which may include some cars in the UAE. Apparently, the rear-seat headrests “may not lock in the upright position after being folded forward. If the head restraint is at its lower position and it falls forward, it will not meet the height required by the standard.”

According the U.S. NHTSA safety agency, the issue could result in an increase risk of neck injuries in the event of a crash. Dealerships should replace the units in question with no charge to the owners, aside from wasted time.

The Cadillac XTS, powered by a 304 hp 3.6-litre V6 with all-wheel-drive on a front-wheel-drive platform, is built in Canada and has a starting price of Dhs 275,000 in the UAE.

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  1. an issue…already! man that was super quick:)

    • Being super quick to catch the problem is not a bad thing.. Rather this means they will solve the problem before it becomes a burden and a mass recall of tens or hundreds of thousands of cars..

  2. Quite a blow for Cadi. For the last 2 years they have increased their reliability to some standards and now this will again hold them back in the sales charts. I hope this wont affect the brilliant ATS.

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