2013 Honda Civic revealed at LA Auto Show

2013 Honda Civic revealed at LA Auto Show

After few exterior images made its way out in the press, the 2013 Honda Civic was revealed officially at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. The Japanese automaker will be hoping the new exterior and interior changes of the new Civic will bring them more success after the recent criticism of the previous shape.

The exterior features new front and rear styling. It also sits on some newly designed alloy wheels. They have added soft-touch materials in the interior again, which had gone missing in the previous model. On the driving side, tweaks have been made to the steering and suspension for sharper handling. Under the hood, still sits the same 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine.

The Honda Civic Si sedan and coupe was also revealed at the LA Auto Show. It features a 2.4-litre engine which produces 201 hp.

The new 2013 Honda Civic should make its way to the UAE, Saudi Arabia and GCC by the beginning of next year.

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  1. meh …. meh …. meh … and ….. meh

  2. Front looks still bland!!! 🙁 ,but rear looks nice!!! 🙂 but Competition has moved miles ahead!!!

  3. No Paddle Shifters.. 🙁 I still prefer the Hyundai Sonata or the Kia Optima over this..

  4. Honda lost it’s touch when it comes to car designing!

    I still love the old civic models

  5. it looks like the japanese is getting design cues from the koreans. front bumper = kia

  6. i saw civic2013 today and i liked it. please advise – corolla or civic? personally i like civic. not much difference in price when i compare with corolla.

    dis would be my first car, it means i have no knowledge of cars. i entirely go by the looks and interiors.
    will appreciate suggestions. thanks.

  7. 2013 civic is available in UAE now?

  8. Can anyone tell me the launching date of civic-2013 in UAE?

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