Two new Salik toll gates in Dubai soon

Two new Salik toll gates in Dubai soon

Two new Salik toll gates will be installed in Dubai soon this year, according to the RTA. They’re set to go live by April 15.

One new Salik gate will be near Al Mamzar Bridge on Al Ittihad Road, better known as Dubai-Sharjah road, while the second Salik gate will be on Airport Tunnel towards the Twar side of Beirut Road in Deira.

The rate remains at Dhs 4, in both directions. The new gates add to the ones already located at Al Garhoud Bridge and Al Maktoum Bridge, as well as Al Safa and Al Barsha on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Recently, the RTA also reactivated Salik charges for Dubai taxis if passengers choose to use the toll roads.

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  1. “I’m so excited!”, said no one ever

  2. I was planning to shift to Al Twar. If so Airport tunnel becomes my daily route. Now I have to think again.

  3. Dubai People = Just business -_-

    • I think this is how the whole world works.. so seriously stop posting simplistic stereotypes like these..

      I would be willing to pay salik if it means making less congestion and building more roads..
      Which is what is happening ever since salik was introduced..

      Its revenue to keep people from bitching about traffic and congestion… Except for SHJ commuters who are doomed to suffer..

  4. Any news about the something same like safa and barsha gate for ittihad road and garhoud.

  5. So Oil finished now Owners of Dubai found new ways to make money. If we calculate one salik gate can make 1 million AED in one day if its located in Dubai Sharjah road. So what can be better business than this? but i hope it will reduce traffic in Ittihad road

    • you economic genius..

      have u spent a second thinking about the cost profile of maintaining (and further building out) the road system in dxb?

      not much left of ur aed 1m/gate afterwards..

  6. Salik troll system

  7. All these new roads and flyovers around Dubai need proper cash revenue to build.

  8. They installed two Salik with Al Mamzar Toll Gate name on both sides.

    1. Just after Al Nahda Interchange Bridge
    2. Just after Al Mamzar Interchange Bridge

    Now what we understand with this two tolls will be taken ? Any update ????

    • You’ll get charged once on passing both of them. It’s designed for people trying to avoid Salik by taking the Nahda road to sneak back onto Ittihad Road.

  9. i need a toll gate on my door step, so that even before getting out of home, I get a tax.

    somebody told me that dubai is getting poor and i am getting prove of it.

  10. How about a toll gate to use the high speed lanes only?

    Getting stuck in traffic everyday after work driving on sheikh zayed road even after paying the toll gate shows the system really hasn’t worked. Its time to think smarter Dubai Authorities… How about a special two or three lane flyover between Jebel Ali and Old Dubai along side the metro which bypasses the gridlocked traffic below and then charge us a toll.

  11. The new Salik Gate in Airport tunnel is already completed 2 months before it is going to be live.

    Consciously telling me everyday in the middle of traffic and after a days hardwork in the office that additional of 250 AED will be taken from me every month.

  12. I’ve been in dubai for 5 years and I havent paid any DIRECT tax at all other than salik. the roads here are 10 times better than the ones in my home country, yet, every living soul earning income in my home country is taxed. so yeah, i wouldn’t mind paying additional salik. this is, afterall, due to the gov’t. From the additional salik revenue, they may even build additional roads to address the traffic. You can bet on that because the leaders here are amazing!

    • Ever hear of the housing tax (5% of rent) that is paid in Dubai? Of course locals don’t pay this.

      Do your kids get GOOD free education in your home country or do you have to pay up to AED 100k for a 3rd grader?

      Should I go on?

    • Forgot about the 5% housing fee but in my case, i dont pay it cause im renting a room with fixed rate (inclusive of everything).

      Nope. Our kids don’t get GOOD FREE education. We have to beg charity institutions to get free education because our leaders have pocketed some of the budget for education.. first world countries usually has very high education costs so its somewhat unavoidable (but i have to agree that quality of education here is not the best).

      At the end of the day bro, we have to agree that the gov’t have laid down all the infrastructure for the businesses to flourish and create jobs for most of us. they have loaned the money to make very good roads. Of course they have to recover the costs. They could have just easily impose 20% income tax to all employees.

      Going back to d salik..Paying salik is the cost associated with having a car. Somehow, owning a car is never really a cost saving scheme. Taking the Bus and/or metro will always be cheaper. How to avoid salik? don’t get a car.

      Again, because of the additional salik revenue, the govt might put some fly over or other additional roads to ease the traffic.

  13. All of you people who have so many complains from this country can go back to their own country. You are here in the first place because this country is giving you something your country isn’t!

  14. Well I hope more new road networks are opening up soon.. Dubai will be okay with more salik.. but Sharjah is where the misery is..

    If Ittihad road clears up, I will take that salik without any complaints but I think there are hundreds of thousands that probably think the same as I do, so i fear the congestion will stay there.. because sharjah has probably two major exits most people use; emirates rd and ittihad rd..

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