Opel officially relaunched in UAE with almost-full 2013 model range

Opel officially relaunched in UAE with almost-full 2013 model range

2013 Opel Insignia OPC
Opel has officially announced their return to the UAE this week via dealer Liberty Automobiles in Dubai, after quietly displaying their cars at the 2012 Sharjah Auto Show late last year and being on sale for several months already. In an interesting move, almost their entire range is available here, with a couple of notable exceptions.

The models on offer in the UAE include the Opel Corsa hatchback, the Opel Astra sedan and hatchback, the Opel Astra GTC Coupe hatchback, the Opel Insignia sedan, the Opel Insignia OPC sports sedan, the Opel Zafira Tourer minivan and the Opel Meriva small MPV. The Opel Mokka sub-compact SUV and the Opel Corsa OPC mini hot-hatch will come later in the year as well.

There is no Opel Astra OPC hot-hatch nor the Opel Antara crossover, both of which are popular market segments. It is possible they will be introduced later. There’s no Opel Adam mini-car as well, but no one’s going to miss that here. Other cars that haven’t been released here are the Opel Cascada convertible, the Opel Combo minivan and the Opel Ampera electric car.

Germany-based Opel is a part of General Motors, but the brand was abandoned long ago by GM Middle East, and is operating here independently.

Keep track of prices and specs as we update them in the Opel buyer guide.

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  1. I like the fact that Opel is back.. Just not sure how its going to build back its reputation after its long absence in the local market.

    Is the entire Opel range manufactured in Germany?

  2. OPEL OPC -smokin hot- ssss……..
    its damn fast with the turbo V6 (Y)

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