2013 Infiniti FX37 replaces FX35, with 3.7-litre engine

2013 Infiniti FX37 replaces FX35, with 3.7-litre engine

In a move that was a long time coming, the FX35 and its 3.5-litre V6 have finally been dropped from the line-up, replaced by the new FX37 model.

The FX37 expectedly comes with the 3.7-litre lifted from the G37 sedan, good for 329 hp and 360 Nm of torque. Mated to a 7-speed automatic and all-wheel-drive, the FX37 joins the existing FX50 model with its 390 hp 5.0-litre V8.

Other updates include some more advanced parking aids, such as object-detection in top-view mode and voice instructions on how to parallel-park!

Incidentally, the FX series is earmarked to be renamed as the Q70, if memory serves us right, in the near future, in line with Infiniti’s confounding new plan to rename all their cars with the letter Q.

The new FX37 is now available to order in the GCC.

Keep track of updates in the Infiniti FX buyer guide.

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  1. what is funny with car dealers is that they think people are idiots, when I received the invitation for the launching of this car, it says “All New FX”, so what is “All New” about, it is just an engine replacement and we “All Know” that the all new will come in 2014, the same with the honda accord 2012 when they added few chrome touches to the front and rear bumper and called it all new and then few months later they released the real all new

    • you are completely right, 10000000% agree, samer!

      in developed countries in europe e.g., this is considered ‘deliberate misleading of customer’ and can be trialed in court (and was various times).

      an “all new” version must be easily recognized as such which is obviously not the case here. same with the accord as you rightly pointed out, and the recent LC that merely got new engines and new lights, and the list goes on..

      bad marketing infiniti..

      since this means de facto monetary loss for mislead customers, law makers should seriously look into this.

  2. Actually this was out since 2008 in Europe…Another bad attempt to trick people. Infiniti in the US or Europe is considered a premium brand where you actually get pampered while owning one..unlike here where it just feels like a normal nissan with a little bit of better service I own one to know. Its also annoying where in the Middle East you don’t get to choose the options that you want its always predetermined for you.

    • Frankly I was surprised about Nissan customer service in showrooms, I dont know about service centers, I heard that nissan is among the best here but when I visited the showroom 2 months ago, I went inside asked the sales about Xterra, he said it is not available without even looking into my face, I asked for brochure and he said we dont have again without even looking into my face as if I was there begging, 2 weeks later I visited SZR showroom to check if they got any stock and the same happened in a different showroom and I was WTF? im buying a car and they treat me like this, what if the car had an issue and I wanted it covered by warranty? maybe they will shoot me at the door of service center. Frankly here in UAE it is very confusing to buy a new car, some offer good service but they rip you off with stupid prices, some provide good value for money but dont offer service

    • These sales guys need to be put on a tighter leash, with hard to reach Targets; Probably then they will attend to all customers as equal and when the sales competition heats up, surely they will learn more about the product that they are selling

    • as i know some sales people hence i say that their targets are actually high enough, but what i believe is there should be a better control system. Importance should be given to complains with easier complain process. What actually happens is they judge a book by its cover. Just when you walk in and your attitude, they judge if customer wants to buy or enquire or just waste time. Obviously which should not be done. As window shoppers can also be potential buyers. At the same time, time is money..

    • Another thing i wana add, try not to jump cars if your in showroom. example you first ask price of a yaris n then you start asking about aurion and avalon. (i understand its not good but sales guy will get a bit less interested by thinking that may be he is not in a mood to buy). (Just an advice to get better service.)

    • @Nabeal

      I dont want to start cursing and swearing at them, but this is their fu**** job, the other day what you said happened with me exactly, i was thinking about getting a Yaris for my wife and maybe a prado or avalon for myself, so what to do, go buy the yaris and then go back another day to buy another car, f**** them and f***** their stupid standards and prejudgment

    • i am just telling of what actually happens.. i nt pointing at someone but usually its the arab sales guys. (or may be they just talk like that)

  3. walk into any showroom and you will get the same treatment. they dont need to treat us well, the cars will sell cause if we dont like one dealer its not like we can goto another dealer and buy same car lol.

    • These Japanese car salesmen seem to think that South Asians cannot afford to buy anythging more than a mid-range 4 x 4. It really irritates when behave as if they are doing you a great favor by even attempting to answer your query.

      Frankly I would rather deal with an American / European brand than a Japanese one. Their C.S. really sucks

  4. I too had the same experience at Nissan in AUH, I was in the showroom for over 20 mins before a salesman walked up to me and said the same story about stocks not being available for the JUKE Turbo.
    The best experience I had was at Al Tayer Ford, both in AUH and DXB. The sales guys were very friendly and even arranged a test drive within 30 mins without any prior booking. I ended up getting a Malibu from AUH Bin Hamoodah Chevrolet. They didn’t have the stock of the LTZ at that time but they provided exact dates and colour of the cars that were being expected. Maybe its time Nissan sorts out their sales team!!

  5. @ Deepak

    It is not about origin, I’m Arab and they were very rude, I think they behave like this coz they know that they will sell their cars anyway, and also because over 50% are ignorant, I will give you an example, 3 weeks ago, Nissan UAE facebook page put a post saying “what do you like about new Altima” and I answered i dont like its CVT trans, after 30 minutes I was banned and I believe they did that coz i may draw the potential buyers attention to the CVT as im sure over 50% dont even know what is CVT and they just go and see the car, if they like it then they will buy it and thats it, so if they see my post they will search for CVT meaning and push away some customers ….

    • Hehe I’m glad being an owner of a last gen Altima, the one without the shi**y CVT.

      I agree with you friend, these salesman think their customers know nothing technical about cars, only names and prices.

      I went to GMC dealer in Dubai once to grab a brochure, took me less than 30 second. I asked for it, the salesman brought one for me. That’s it.

  6. About the service which i stopped taking my car to as soon as my warranty went off. last time i took it was to check how much would it cost to fix my AC which they quoted me for 20 thousand DH!!! and i took it to 3 different AC repair shop and they told me the compressor was broken which cost around 1700 DH and in the dealer costs 5000! i got it fixed for 3000..with labour and changing the filters. The guy in the service center in Mussafah was rude he didn’t look at me ( like what samer said above) He treated me like i was stupid and treated me like i was unwelcome. The biggest issue is that he is the team leader…I got better service at the Jeep showroom and service center, even the hyundai service was much much better!

  7. I recommend U BMW service in Abu Dhabi. It is v good. In Dubai it really sucks

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