Lamborghini Aventador police car for Dubai Police

Lamborghini Aventador police car for Dubai Police

Lamborghini Aventador Dubai Police car 1
There have been several phone-camera photos of a supposed Lamborghini Aventador police car, in Dubai Police colours, doing the rounds of the internet this week.

We don’t have any more details about these pictures, but it probably is a promotional vehicle, just like that Nissan GT-R by Abu Dhabi Police a few years back. The Dubai Police have already shown off a Chevy Camaro police car.

Lamborghini Aventador Dubai Police car 13

Vague news reports suggest that the Lamborghini will be used to patrol certain upscale tourist spots, largely as a show of prestige.

The Lamborghini Aventador also seems to have hit the highway at some point, so if you have more shots of this thing, let us know on our popular Facebook page.

More photos sourced from around the web by readers Irshad Ahmed Ibrahim and Kevin Jacob Kurian.

Update: Some more proper night photos were taken by reader Monir Kassem, and one more by reader Aisha Yaqub.

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  1. Not only lambo, they do use Ferrari, Benz SLR, Bentley, GL class, Nissan GT, Camaro, dodge and few more for patrol. I have photos 🙂

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