Dubai Police officially unveil Ferrari FF cop car

Dubai Police officially unveil Ferrari FF cop car

Ferrari FF Dubai Police
Dubai Police have officially unveiled the Ferrari FF patrol car, a week after the Lamborghini Aventador joined their fleet.

Dubai Police had announced about the Ferrari FF after the launch of the Aventador cop car went viral on the internet. More photos emerged on social media channels later of the two cars getting the body graphics wrapped on the exterior.

Reports claim the two supercars will be used to patrol certain upscale tourist spots, largely as a show of prestige.

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  1. And the latest news say it will be driven by Policewomen. Does that mean we can speed in peace? 😛

  2. it would make more sense if they used it as a highway police or something.. not to stroll at upscale tourist spots as they say or to pimp around their prestige..

    This is what one would do having too much money and dont know where to spend!!

    • Can you control your comments, its their country let them do what they want. Rest if police department is observing the site and you get into unwanted trouble. They are not using your money to buy the cars or for country security. We should rather be worried about our countries.

  3. What’s next? A Bugatti Veyron?

  4. can anyone tell me where I have to go to join Dubai police ? 😀 ….man these police men r lucky

  5. AUH Police will patrol with RR soon

  6. According to Dubai Police the FF will be driven by lady cops .

    Source : check out Emirates 24/7

  7. theyr addding the sls and bently to the fleet!!!!

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