Hongqi Red Flag L9 and L7 for Chinese bigwigs

Hongqi Red Flag L9 and L7 for Chinese bigwigs

Hongqi Red Flag L7
Hongqi, a sub-brand of Chinese automaker FAW, was created in the 1950s to build cars for leaders of the nation. But here they are now, showcasing their latest creation at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show.

In the early days, Hongqi designers, just like many other Chinese manufacturers, took inspiration from what looks to be 1950s cars, specially Chevrolets.

And that is exactly what their new creation looks like. The Red Flag L9 executive sedan is about the same length as that of a Rolls-Royce Phantom on modern wheels. But it’s not much cheaper than the Rolls to begin with. It is a little shorter than the original deal, and gone are the bulletproof body and platform, but you’ll still get a 6.0-litre V12 which produces about 400 hp and 550 Nm of torque.

Hongqi Red Flag L9 2

According to China Car Times, this L9 is the civilian version of the bulletproof L9 sedan that carried China’s then-chairman Hu Jin Tao through the capital during the 60th anniversary celebration of ‘The People’s Republic’. The L7 is a shorter-wheelbase version.

FAW hasn’t released any other info, and listed prices vary greatly – anywhere from US$800,000 (Dhs 2,940,000) to US$1.5M (Dhs 5,500,000). Moreover, it is not even clear whether people can buy it, or if it’s merely meant to be for VIPs.

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  1. if u move around in a car that looks like this, you will be shot at. good thing its bulletproof.

  2. Such value for money. You could probably buy 3 rolls royce and still have enough change to buy a G55.

  3. Very poor engine output figures for a 6.0 litre V12.

    • Lol, just send request to BMW they will generate the same power with a 4.0 ltr, Super Charged V8. Or maybe could borrow some 5+ ltr V8 Super Charged Ford Mustang Engines.

    • Read the Porsche’s article today for 911 Turbo, Turbo S. they are generating 520/560 hp with 3.6 litre v6. Lol. Give them a 4 litre they will cross 600hp range with lesser fuel consumption than the above mentioned engine. The above car look like a big Fiat fat Padmini with sharper lights and grill.

  4. I love the design so much, but i cant help but disliking it since its china made
    not being racist but the truth to be told

    • Now most industry products made in China, look around your home, U will know.

      If all the products same priced Made in Italy, Made in Germany, many people can’t survive.

  5. Wonder what the crash test result would be?

  6. Looks like its has been kicked in the private parts, with those headlights. Fugly…..Bet this one is made to give nightmares to the European designers…..

  7. The front grill looks like its surprised to see you 😀

  8. Premier Padmini in luxury version! 🙂

  9. after charging so modestly, they could at least make if bullet proof.

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