Sharjah Police plan to "steal" cars, air traffic offenders on TV

Sharjah Police plan to “steal” cars, air traffic offenders on TV

Sharjah Police is apparently getting serious on certain types of violations in an attempt to improve the driving and safety standards there. In one initiative, they plan to “steal” cars left with the ignition on as their owners disappear into shops and such, to highlight that their cars could be easily stolen by real criminals. Another initiative is their plan to air videos of motorists who jump red signals on a local television channel to increase awareness of the action’s severity.

According to Gulf News, the show called The Observer, which airs every Saturday at 7 pm on Sharjah TV will show CCTV image of motorists breaking red signals.

There has been a significant increase in traffic offences recorded this year since Sharjah Police recently installed 24 cameras in different junctions around the emirate.

Colonel Sultan Al Khayyal of Sharjah Police claims that the initiative has been launched due to motorists not responding to traffic awareness campaigns.

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  1. tell me about the driving habits in Sharjah…its a deathtrap filled with morons and retards!

  2. Drivers in Dubai are a lot worse IMO.

  3. Dubai compared to the rest of UAE and to other regional states is by far the best, the good thing about Dubai Police is that they are always improving and learning from previous mistakes, willing to admit them and correct them.
    yes, there is a lot to do to enhance traffic but let’s not deny the improvements done so far.

  4. Being a resident of Sharjah i can easily say that driving in dubai roads is sooo much more better and civilized. the quality of roads n drivers gets worse as you go North from Dubai

  5. Hope lunatics don’t start jumping red lights just to get on TV.

  6. So police will steal cars to set an example. GENIUS!

  7. They should record the reaction of the drivers and put that on TV too. UAEs very own version of Punk’d

  8. Dubai Police and Dubai are amazing…. Dubai Police rated in the top 10 police in the world. And Dubai’s government rated no.1 for e-systems, social ethnic etc…

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