UAE dealer reports 750% surge in Nissan 370Z sales

UAE dealer reports 750% surge in Nissan 370Z sales

Nissan’s UAE dealer, Arabian Automobiles, reports that sales of the Nissan 370Z have increased by “750%” after its “repositioning” in the market this year in terms of price. That’s basically a roundabout way of admitting they had overpriced the car to Porsche Cayman levels for the past several years, and have now brought it down to realistic levels after following the Toyota 86’s lead.

The 2013 Nissan 370Z now has a base price of Dhs 139,000. For this year, it features a new front bumper design with LED lights, a new 19-inch wheel design, red brake calipers, black gauges and two new colours.

At this price, consumers have obviously shown their pent-up affinity to affordable Nissan sports cars, in a segment that was already fielding the Toyota 86, the Ford Mustang V6 and the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, among other lesser players. What would you buy for the money?

For detailed prices and specs, visit the Nissan 370Z buyer guide.

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  1. Ofcorse, In Bahrain showroom When I saw the price tag of 17500 BD, I didnt even bother to go close to the car to find out more…

  2. for this kind of money i find that the Golf GTI is more convient all-around car.

  3. Still too overpriced. A base price around 115k-120k and then moving upwards with options seems more logical.

    and compared to their previous prices…a 750% jump seems great … bah! must have sold about 100 of them altogether all this while, and must have now reached 7500 over the years!!!

  4. bring the manual as well, and i know you can still reduce the price more, yes you, you greedy stealerships!!

    nissan middle east sells these cars to you at a much cheaper price and you cant blame the yen etc as the yen has dropped.

    the new led looks cheap btw. only ricers will like it.

  5. because nissan is losing money on that car and less people buy this car

  6. still 86. Toyota is more fun car

  7. Come on . Its a rear wheel sports car .
    No body interested !!!

    What a lose 🙁

  8. All ways a Z fan!!

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