Peugeot 408 quietly joins 2014 UAE line-up

Peugeot 408 quietly joins 2014 UAE line-up

The other day when we went to pick up a Peugeot 301 test car from the Peugeot showroom in Dubai, we were surprised to see the 408 sedan there. It seems the local dealer is quietly offering the Chinese-built Peugeot 408 sedan as a 2014 model in the UAE.

It took a while to register, since I didn’t know the car existed. But looking back on our own website, apparently we predicted in 2010 that the Peugeot 408 might actually come to the Middle East. Yes, it’s been around that long already in China.

The 408 is offered only with a 147 hp 2.0-litre 4-cylinder with 200 Nm of torque which, judging by the specs, is only a mild upgrade over our own former Peugeot 307 hatchback. The specs sheet at the showroom mentions a 6-speed automatic to go with that front-wheel-drive platform, possibly erroneously, as every other source suggests it’s really a 4-speed auto.


In terms of size, it seems to straddle the line between compact and midsize. We believe it’s sort of a longer sedan version of the 308. Cabin space is very impressive, while all upper trim materials are suitably soft-touch, both front and back, which is more than can be said about several of its rivals.

There are two trim levels, with the top one getting 17-inch alloys, all one-touch power windows, fog lamps, dual-zone auto a/c, ABS with EBD and stability control, parking sensors, front airbags, CD/MP3 stereo with USB and Bluetooth, basic keyless entry, lightly-tinted windows, heated electric mirrors, cooled glove-box and a fully-adjustable leatherette steering wheel.

The top model retails for a reasonable Dhs 79,900, while there is a base model for Dhs 69,900. All cars have a 5-year warranty. Looking at it, you’ll never guess that it hails from China.

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  1. Going by the looks of 408 I dont think its going to create any flutter in the market. It arrived from China silently and it will disappear soon even more silently!

  2. I never expected such a dull model from Peugeot previous model was much better in looks. Also inside gadgetry is very basic and ordinary.

  3. This car to succeed should have a price tag between 50K and 60K.
    It is Chinese build and basic.

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