Range Rover Sport 2014 launch event in Dubai

Range Rover Sport 2014 launch event in Dubai

Land Rover, in association with Al Tayer Motors, launched the all-new 2013 Range Rover Sport, at an invite-only event at Meydan Hotel in Dubai earlier this month. We received a formal invitation directly from the dealer, and on hearing about this, the editor of this site asked us to write about our impressions as he didn’t want to attend the event himself to “avoid the crowds,” even as he got an invite himself for being a Range Rover customer.

Dressed up in suits to match all the glim and glam at the event, we drove off to Meydan hotel, only to find that inappropriate signage took us in circles, until we finally landed up in front of the hotel entrance. After parking in a nearby parking lot due to lack of valet slots, we were told by security that the event was elsewhere. After a long walk in the heat, we reached the Meydan Grandstand, in time for the start of the already-crowded event with a fusion dance. Crowds had already covered the front of the stage, not permitting any view for people behind, which prompted us to sneak up to the 1st floor and stand between the light and sound equipment to catch the event.

The event was rather brief. Opening with the usual stories of how this Range Rover is the best ever, most agile and a whole lot of other marketing statements, they let us know how the Middle East is one of their most important markets. After a video, the two variants of the vehicle were revealed. Even before the drivers could finish parking them on-stage, they were surrounded with people thronging the cars.


We hung out at the snack bar until the crowds subsided and we got a chance to see the cars ourselves. Coming to the specifications of the cars, the Sport steals its design cues with a front-end design from the bigger Vogue, and a modified rear from the Evoque. The Sport looks considerably better than the older model at first glance, although it feels smaller. Mixed in with nice cabin trim and premium paint, the displayed V6 model had a lot of plastic panels, in and around the car. We would’ve expected body-colour exterior panels on such an expensive car.

Only the V6 can be equipped with two “occasional use” third-row seats, which won’t even fit 5-year-olds with ease. The top-end Autobiography had a panoramic roof, and we hear leather seats are standard.

Two variants are available, namely a 340 hp supercharged 3.0-litre V6 or a carryover 510 hp supercharged 5.0-litre V8. Although positioned to be between the midget Evoque and full-size Vogue, the Sport has a price that we found baffling.

Careful not to mention the lower end of the price bracket, the assembled sales teams claimed its around Dhs 350,000 for the base model to around Dhs 599,000 for the top-end Autobiography model.

Our chance to interact with the car was limited, so we will reserve our comments if we get a chance to actually drive the new Sport.

The writer is an independent observer and chooses to remain anonymous.

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  1. A master piece.

    350,000 to 600,000 that’s a big range for the same car and same engine!!

  2. i think 350,000dhs for v6 and 599,000 dhs for the v8 5liter engine

  3. I was present at the event. All the directions to the venue was perfect. We didn’t had any hassles.

  4. Wait, then the top end costs the same as the normal Range Rover ??

    • No
      the normal Range Rover also has V6 and V8 engine, so the price for Sport & Normal should be crossing.
      And the most expensive one should be top -end Range Rover.

  5. “The writer is an independent observer and chooses to remain anonymous.”

    So the writer isn’t named Presley Reese?

  6. the rear headrests look fit for the historical “Moai heads” from the Eastern Islands 😛

    DriveArabia.com & Land Rover: always fun to read.

  7. I am dying to drive the supercharged V8.

  8. since u end up with 400k for a lightly dressed up base version, this gets crazy.

    car looks like, granted, but 400k??

  9. i would buy this insted of the Vouge bcz this one is sportier and 90 % have a similar interior i mean seriously and y would i buy the super charge vouge 600 thousend for a range roover
    i would buy a ferrari like wooow!

  10. My me, my dad and his went to the showroom on sheikh zayed rd. And bought V8 supercharged the second we went in there… Its a black matte finished with the no. Plate A 9876

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