2015 Range Rover Autobiography Black trim debut in Dubai

2015 Range Rover Autobiography Black trim debut in Dubai

2015 Range Rover LWB Autobiography 2
Land Rover has officially announced the 2015 Range Rover LWB, a long-wheelbase model specifically designed for chauffeur-loving markets such as China, and apparently the GCC as well, because the stretched offroader is going to be launched at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show.

The UAE’s largest auto show will be the model’s first stop, then it will appear at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and finally at the Guangzhou Motor Show in China, during November. The 2015 model will be the first long-wheelbase Range Rover in 20 years, with 140 mm of extra legroom and double the recline angle for the rear seats, which are available either as a bench or individual seats. Rear passengers get to use automatic window blinds, a panoramic sunroof and a sliding front passenger seat for even more legroom. There won’t be a third-row seat.

2015 Range Rover LWB Autobiography 5

Oddly enough, the extra length does not show in the rear doors in these photos because we later found out these are photos of the regular-wheelbase model.

Land Rover is also offering a new Autobiography Black trim level that offers further customization. This is in addition to the Autobiography package that is already offered on all regular-sized Range Rover models. First customer deliveries start in March 2014, with Autobiography Black models coming in August 2014.

Update: The LWB model never showed up at the Dubai Motor Show, instead debuting at the Los Angeles Motor Show a few weeks later. Only the regular-sized Autobiography Black model debuted in Dubai.

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  1. Beautiful. Any idea about the price range?

  2. Mash, Similar photos were published in Autoweek.com But they mentioned in the article that “Please note that Land Rover has not yet released photos of the long-wheelbase model, so the exterior photos above are of the standard-wheelbase Range Rover.” So, Mash can you clarify whether the above pics are of the regular Rangey or the stretched one?
    The Article link: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20131028/CARNEWS/131029806

    • Author

      Jeez, you’re right. Now wonder the length isn’t visible. I suspect even Autoweek found out later and added that line, because no other publication has caught it either.

  3. beautiful 100% ok

  4. nece my dreem car

  5. Hello,

    Please suggest me where I can bu 3M CR 70 in dubai. If any one have contact info please ssend to me

  6. It is a beautiful car, I wouldn’t mind buying one for myself. This is my dream car!

  7. its my dream car

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