2014 Ford Fusion gets exclusive 3dCarbon body kit

2014 Ford Fusion gets exclusive 3dCarbon body kit

2014 Ford Fusion 3dCarbon Body Kit
The Ford Fusion is a pretty vehicle, no doubt. And we’ve got news that 3dCarbon, one of USA’s leading “cosmetic customisation” company is offering exclusive body kits for the 2014 Fusion. It is reportedly also backed by the factory.

From the images, the white Fusion does not seem too gaudy from the stock, but it certainly does seem aggressive with the add-ons which includes a wrap for the whole vehicle; including the front spoiler, side skirts and the rather subtle looking rear spoiler. Interestingly, it blends in with the car as well, but we don’t know if it will look like that in different colours.

The kit also gives dual exhaust ports with the stainless-steel exhaust surrounds, which are usually reserved for the Titanium package Fusion EcoBoost models.

The 3dCarbon’s injection-molded urethane body kit has also passed crash testing according to USA and Canada regulations, so you can be sure that the extensions wouldn’t damage the bumper in minor crashes of speeds up to 8 kph.

Alongside all this, the kit is under warranty of 3dCarbon for five years or 50,000 miles (approximately 80,000 kms). The kit is supposedly available through select Ford dealers across the world. Buyers can purchase the kit in both, pre-painted or unpainted forms to install it separately, or purchase it directly with the new Ford Fusion and install it correctly at the dealer. There is no word on GCC availability, as the Fusion itself has yet to start deliveries. The car will hit UAE streets within the first few months of next year.

Keep track of future updates and prices for UAE and Saudi Arabia in the Ford Fusion buyer guide.

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  1. well the basic issue with fusion is who ever drove it on regular dubai-abudhabi got his back in an year basic issue with seating position.

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