So we got a 2014 Toyota Corolla 2.0 Limited

So we got a 2014 Toyota Corolla 2.0 Limited

2014 Toyota Corolla Limited
Here we are, trundling around in the all-new 2014 Toyota Corolla 2.0 Limited again. This time we have it for a longer period, so we can dig further into its features and mannerisms.

2014 Toyota Corolla Limited 3

The new Corolla looks pretty good actually, aside from those ridiculously-spacious wheel-well gaps.


The world’s occasional best-selling car finally has a bit of “handsome” character, which it hasn’t had since 1997, a basic version of which my father used to own until finally selling it off in 2011, still in working order.

2014 Toyota Corolla in the UAE 12

Inside, a mix of soft-touch and hard plastics make up a tasteful cabin that doesn’t pull any ridiculous fake-stitching tricks like the Yaris sedan.

2014 Toyota Corolla Limited 5

The boot is big. Very big. Big enough to fit a full-size spare alloy underneath. And the seat-backing finally has a cloth layer, whereas the previous-gen model had a piece of cardboard!

2014 Toyota Corolla Limited 4

The folding rear seat is a bit ill-thought out though. Those seat-belts get in the way of big loads, and you cannot fully move them aside.

2014 Toyota Corolla Limited 6

Still, there’s a lot to like in the new Corolla, even if it is technologically backwards in several aspects compared to many of its rivals. You;d be surprised to hear that we actually enjoyed driving it, way more than the fancy-styled Koreans. More in the full review.

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  1. Mash, isn’t the 4 speed auto a big turn off?

  2. how does it compare to new Tiida?

  3. “Inside, a mix of soft-touch and hard plastics make up a tasteful cabin that doesn’t pull any ridiculous fake-stitching tricks like the Yaris sedan.”

    So you mean to say, steering wheel is actually leather wrapped?

  4. At 73000 it is the price of a 2006 honda accord

  5. Hard to distinct it from the current civic..

  6. They should’ve given you the Basic Model cuz thats what’s gonna actually sell.

  7. I love hyundai elantra!

  8. that is the Corolla secret;
    too simple that makes you bored but at the end you fall in love with it.
    may be because it is a good car overall with no serious issues to complain about.
    no wonder is is the best selling compact car till date.

  9. it actually is ok, but I don’t think It will a no brainer as before.. too many good choices out there..

    at AED 73K it knocks close to the Mazda 6 2.0L basic model…

    my take is .. it will be a moderate success…like the camry no longer a leader in the market.

  10. i sat in one on shk zayed show room, i cam screaming out i was that scared. ITS a tin can worst than a pepsi can! with no side airbags, i wont even trust my cat to be safe in this…..good luck………i had big hopes for this as my 2nd car..but i am running to the new civic…currently in my op Best bang for buck with proper safety and equipment and matreail and build quality

    • Author

      You’ll have to move up to the Dhs 85k Civic VTi to get side-airbags though.

    • people were driving cars before side airbag system also, at that time there were lesser accidents. Not against safety but if you want to prove a car wrong or inferior, you can find fault with every model, someone will take about shape, others cvt.

  11. Hi Mash,

    Planning to buy a car, which one do you suggest?
    Civic(2013), Carolla(2014), Sentra(2014) or Tucson(2014),
    Civic 2014 model is not yet available in dubai, price wise I am okay, too much confused as this is my first car, no much idea, pls. suggest me car. Thanks

    • Srinivas, Test Drive Chevy Cruze 2014…I have the top version (LT 1.8) 2013 model ..and i enjoy driving around..the car feels good…2014 model comes with much more options….try out…

    • Civic 2013 model will be also 2014 model
      If i were you i’d bring my list down to corolla vs civic
      And finally choose a civic as it is better however more exp
      If budget isn’t issue; civic all the way
      If budget is issue; corolla

  12. Also look AC and maintainance .. Hondas in general have less capable ACs and become expensive as they age.

  13. Srinivas, wait for mazda-3 2014 model and compare

  14. I have a feeling I saw a 1979 Datsun before…

  15. hm, for the same price one can have Mazda 6 in KSA/Bahrain. People must be mad to pay such a high price for vintage 4-gear , not so special engine and simple rear axe…

  16. I have had a corolla on hire for the past 2 months,I was thinking about buying a German car but I have completely fallen in love with the Toyota as its really good all round so have ordered a new 2014 limited edition.

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