Saudi-based Corolla owner refuses big offers for his number plate

Saudi-based Corolla owner refuses big offers for his number plate

1998 Toyota Corolla
While we could only hope to be on the receiving end of a sum of money amounting to SAR 3 million, an Egyptian expat in Saudi Arabia has reportedly refused to accept an offer for his exclusive number plate that reads “SSS 1”.

And while we think it’s cool to sport a number plate of that sort, we would also want it to reside on someplace a little more fashionable than his 2000 Toyota Corolla. But it did touch us when the owner reportedly did not intend to sell his car and precious number plate to honour his friendship with his Saudi friend who gifted him this car, according to Arab News.

He also stated that he does not use the car any more, instead taking taxis to work to avoid being badgered about the plate. Offers for the plate have ranged from SAR 200,000 to 3 million. But as they say, sometimes there’s some things that’s worth more than just money.

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  1. I think this guy is just cooking up the story, an expat will never get such number, they are exclusively for the VVIP.

  2. “But as they say. sometimes there’s just some things that are worth more than just money”
    Ex: Waiting for More Money 😉

  3. Don’t Worry,

    They will kick him out under NITAQAT (Saudiazation) and he will get 2 Riyal for Tea on his way back for this number plate….

    Man, how cud u publish such BS….

  4. Abdulaziz-It is totally different here..there is no such thing as a VVIP numberplate..there are lots of ‘1’ numberplates here with different alphabets.. But this is something we don’t get to see here..a ‘1-SSS’..its not the number.. Its the alphabets that makes it costly! 🙂

  5. 3 million is too less for a number 1 plate. In UAE such a plate will go for 20million

  6. Its 2000 model corolla and not 1998.

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