Dunlop tyres releases the SP Sport LM704

Dunlop tyres releases the SP Sport LM704

Dunlop have recently launched a brand new set of tyres, the Dunlop SP Sport LM704, which is a replacement for the SP Sport LM703.

With the SP Sport LM704, Dunlop are targeting owners of passenger cars who are looking for a good balance between comfort, handling and affordability.

A lot of research and simulation tests went into the development of the SP Sport LM704, with Dunlop’s Technical Department in Japan successfully improving performance levels from its predecessor, the SP Sport LM703, in many fronts. A significant improvement in the noise level, irregular wear and life of the tyre have been noticed with the noise level reduced by 13%, irregular wear improved by 20% and life increased by 25%.

The new tyres arrive in 46 sizes ranging from 13-inches to 18-inches and can be fitted on all popular small, mid and large sized sedans. 38 of the sizes of the SP Sport LM704 lineup will hail from Japan, which is a preferred choice for the region’s consumers, while the rest will be from Thailand. However, Dunlop claims there is absolutely no difference in quality as the process used to make the tyres is the same in both countries.

The SP Sport model tyre is Dunlops’s mid-range offering, with the SP Touring model made for the more budget-conscious customers, while the Veuro is their premium quality range. The SP Sport Maxx TT and Direzza tyres are the performance models of the Dunlop range.

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  1. Is it some marketing thing for Drive Arabia I guess other manufacturer also launch new range but never heard from you guys

  2. Hey Mashfique. Need your opinion, I need tyres for my car and my top priority is NOISE reduction and handling. Which one would you recommend? Brand and model

    • I’ve noticed that simply switching to new tyres reduces noise. As for handling, get any high-end tyre. We’ve used Dunlop SP Sport 9000 and Bridgestone Potenza. It might be better for you to choose one of the “comfort” tyres instead, to reduce noise more.

  3. The best ones for noise reduction are yokohama advan…. No road nise n goood comfirt…

  4. dunlop sp sport maxx gt is best dunlop tyre,standard on bmw ,best handling but costly around 2000dhs per tyre

  5. Thank you for the reply. I have been trying to get my hands on Yokohama Advan db but NO ONE has my size of 215/45/R17, out of stock it seems. I know this one is being used on all LEXUS ES 350 models and it is quiet as hell

  6. Hey, is lm 702 handling nd grip is beeter or lm704 of dunlop or any other tyre of same range

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