JAC Motors enters UAE market with Al Habtoor Motors

JAC Motors enters UAE market with Al Habtoor Motors

Al Habtoor Motors, better known as the UAE’s dealer for Mitsubishi as well as a number of uber-luxury brands, has added JAC Motors from China to its portfolio.

Starting off with a showroom in Deira, JAC Motors is being launched with a full suite of models, including the JAC J4 sub-compact sedan, the JAC J5 compact sedan, the JAC J6 compact MPV, and the JAC M5 7-seater MPV.

All JAC vehicles come with a 150,000 kilometres or 5-year warranty. We’ll update the JAC buyer guide soon with relevant details on all the models, once we receive them.

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  1. Why China, just WHY? Why couldn’t you stay away from the automobile industry? We have enough Chinese things all around our lives! A Chinese CAR is the last thing that I would want to buy in this life

    • Most car companies manufacture car components and spare parts from Chinese suppliers. So I guess the car your driving irrespective of the brand has got a Chinese touch to it. If they can make the iPhone what’s wrong if they attempting to make cars.
      Come on mate let’s stop stereotyping.
      It a real eye-opener to see how less sales margins are maintained by these Chinese brands which allows them to price it at lower price bands when compared to the competition.

    • Having Chinese ‘components’ is much better than having a Chinese CAR. And in response to Terence – I don’t know about Brasil, buddy, but whatever you have will definitely not last here in DUBAI. I am not stereotyping, but it’s a fact. Even Toyotas, BMWs and Porsches are having recalls, definitely can’t dive into a decision leaving all those brands and buying a CHINESE car. I had driven a Chinese car once called “FAMILY”, belong to Chery I guess…SUCKED!

    • Correction:
      In response to ANDRE for the Brasil section..not Terence. 🙂

    • This is reality, U need to accept.
      U May don’t know millions like BMW,Audi, and Benz are assembled in China, lasting more than 10 years, only except Lexus.
      All of luxury brands except supercar brand have joint adventure companies with Chinese Auto company.

  2. Talk about a diverse portfolio.. Bentley, Bugatti, McLaren and JAC.

  3. Idiots don’t realize that several of their health support systems are made in China. gone are days when chinese products were synonymous to cheap products ONLY

  4. I got a chinese car from JAC Motors in Brasil for the last 3 years. I can’t say how much I am pleased of leaving other brands. They are really good and I can see you have never driven one. Like who has in Brasil a car like mine can say for sure chinese cars are the new Hyundai. In 5 years I bet you will have yours. Don’t say anything before you drive one because the cars are really good.

  5. It is not about how good the car is, it is more about brand perception.
    Chinese cars can offer all the features out there with a 20 year 2 million km warranty, but it will take a generation or 2 before people start considering them over Toyotas or Hondas.
    Hyundai/Kia are still not the leaders in any category and they have been trying for quite some time.
    Cars are not mobile phones where people try out new cheaper brands to “save” a few hundred dirhams.
    It is also not about China per se, if a new brand came out of the US or even Germany, it will take a lot of time before people consider them over other established brands.

  6. who knows maybe they will use this car for restaurant home delivery :):):)

  7. not sure cheap this is price wise.. the are better off loading this car to rental fleets

  8. I can truly say dat we cannot judge any thing by jus looking @ it’s cover or lyk it’s frm China or stuff.. who knows this car might be better den yours. I am gonna buy jac j6 car within this month.

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