Top 10 most researched cars for Ramadan 2014

Top 10 most researched cars for Ramadan 2014

Ramadan Kareem to everyone. As the oldest automotive consumer website in the region (you can still read our reviews from 2004!) as well as the most popular among real car shoppers (our advertising budget is peanuts compared to the imitators that have popped up), we are in a good position to see exactly what people here are interested in buying, simply by looking at our stats. Here’s a rundown of the top ten cars being researched the most on this Ramadan across the GCC, with a bit of a bias towards the UAE.

Toyota Corolla
2014 Toyota Corolla Limited 2
The new one seems to be doing extremely well as usual, with or without seasonal offers. It’s Number One at something at least.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
2014 Toyota Prado
The popular midsize SUVs continues to lead the pack with its high resale value, which is why more people buy it, which is why it has high resale value, which is why more people buy it — it’s the definition of a self-perpetuating cycle.

Toyota RAV4
2013 Toyota RAV4 2
This one’s a bit of a surprise, considering most buyers in the Toyota showroom simply spring for the Fortuner offroader instead. Maybe our well-informed readers have realised they don’t need to go offroad and will actually save on fuel bills.

Hyundai Santa Fe
2013 Hyundai Santa Fe V6 2
Proof that a good-looking car with good features at a good price can overcome years of negativity associated with Korean brands in general.

Honda Accord
2013 Honda Accord 2
The Accord stemmed its spiral down the sales charts after dealers came up with an unbelievably good offer recently, pitching a well-specced Accord at the same price as a base Camry, after years of high prices. Clearly there’s more interest in it now, as we can see.

Nissan Patrol
2014 Nissan Patrol 2
This one is a bit of a surprise. The Patrol is the second-most expensive vehicle on our list, and finally seems to be gaining ground against its main rival.

Toyota Land Cruiser
2012 Toyota Land Cruiser 4.6 VX-R in Dubai
But the old bull’s still got some life left in it. As the most expensive vehicle on our list, it’s an impressive feat having more buyers than Nissan Tiidas and Kia Optimas.

Hyundai Elantra
Another Hyundai makes it on the list, not least of which because they’re now offering a basic safety-free version for less than the price of a Yaris this season.

Ford Explorer
Finally, an American makes it onto our list. Despite becoming a pricier crossover, the new Explorer is doing better than ever, boosted by the fact that it looks like a Range Rover on a foggy day.

Nissan Altima
2013 Nissan Altima in Dubai
Despite all the whining about its CVT, the Altima remains one of the most popular midsize sedans around in terms of sales. It helps that it undercuts its main Japanese rivals by a healthy percentage.

For full prices and specs on these cars, visit the Ultimate Car Buyer Guide. Tell us if you’ve sprung for one of these cars and why. Did we influence your decision in some way?

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  1. Not even a single German!? Is it because people simply go and buy German without doing any research? 😉

  2. IS THE LAND CRUISER more expensive than a Petrol? Especially platinum version…? I’m confused…

    • Author

      Platinum watinum is just a small part of sales. We’re looking at the lower end of the range.

  3. And Toyota always..although this time, I personally feel they have some fairly competitive cars compared to the junk these guys used 2 sell a few years ago.

  4. Mitsu pajero nowhere?

  5. Toyota as usual no complains please

  6. Toyota with its mild vanilla flavoured cars, and relatively slow carriages takes the cake thus proving that reliability/cost of ownership is more important than utility for the average consumer

  7. friends, i dont hv more budget above dhs 80,000, that,y plz suggest me (Toyota RAV4 2WD EX DHS 79,900) or (corolla 2014 2.0L SE+ DHS 69,900) or (Renault Duster 2014 SE DHS 58,900) which one is best for me?

    • Hi You need a saloon or SUV if a saloon go for toyota they are having upgrade option like you can have camry for price of corolla if you qualify or will pay for low spec corolla and get full option for the lower price, about SUV Rav4 is good but don’t go for Fortuner its lazy car check drivearabia car spec section the prices may not be up-to date but you will get the idea

    • Go for the base model of Ford Escape..

  8. Hi Mash
    Between the accord v6 and altima v6, which is better in terms of looks, image and driving dynamics..keeping price aside cuz accord v6 as evryone knws is a bit more expensive than altima v6.
    Also, can we have a latest comparo of accord, camry and altima ?

    • Hi
      Before you make your mind on altima or accord v6, checkout the aurion v6

    • Yea thats a good car too, but have been in toyotas all my life so need a change, plus like the looks of the altima and accord better

    • Consider Avalon! Better than all of these. Price same as accord v6

    • In terms of quality, speed, and ride go for accord. Personally I think that the new altima has better exterior looks.
      If u can afford the avalon go for it, and forget about the ugly aurion

    • In terms of quality, speed, and ride go for accord. Personally I think that the new altima has better exterior looks.
      If u can afford the avalon go for it and forget about the ugly aurion

  9. Lots of readers on this website complain about toyotas design, price, dealers etc and its still the most researched car. What a joke, hahahaha. I can see toyota is not going anywhere for another 50 years.

  10. Hi cayanide! thx. for ur suggestion n time, actually im d fond of suv vehicle specially toyota brand but price is too much before RAV4, now i can afford it becos 2014 model r fuel econmy n RAV4 2014 2WD EX DHS 79,900 only.

  11. So many good cars out there that sadly don’t get the attention they deserve. Wake up people!!

  12. Hmm….no Dodge Charger on the list. Howcome? if its the sales figures…I believe it should be on par with one of the rides on this list as I see many of them zipping past me whilst on road.

  13. Guys any news about the new Ford Fusion? If you have any reviews please share, my opinion it’s the best value for money… Is it thanks

  14. Good factors and bad factors in every vehicle, i suggest if you looking SUV and your budget maximum Dhs 58,900 buy duster 2014 2.0L SE 2WD and if your budget Dhs 79,900 buy toyota Rav4 2015 2.5L EX 2WD.

  15. I’m in the market now searching for a car below the AED 55,000 mark, I have my mind set on the new Toyota Avanza (7 seater – compact MPV). Would really appreciate your comments and suggestions for other options. Thanks

  16. Can any1 tells me about Ford Expedition and Toyota Sequoia 2015 model which will be good option…

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