So we got a 2015 Toyota Yaris

So we got a 2015 Toyota Yaris

2015 Toyota Yaris in the UAE
Truth be told, I like this car. I’ve liked it ever since I saw photos of it a year ago. Yes, it’s been around that long in South-East Asia while we were still seeing that generic Japanese-built one around here. This new one’s built in Thailand, but from what we saw, that hasn’t made an ounce of difference in quality — it feels just as cheap as the Japanese one.

2015 Toyota Yaris in the UAE 2

However, we feel it looks a lot better than the previous one, more characterful with that moustache and more controversial with those kinky tail-lights.

2015 Toyota Yaris in the UAE 4

Inside, it’s all hollow hard plastics, but as long as you don’t touch anything except the buttons and the controls, the ambience actually comes off as a bit premium.

2015 Toyota Yaris in the UAE 6

There’s no shortage of space. Arguably, some rivals are larger inside, but we’re not bothered as long as we average-sized folks with our average-sized groceries fit.

2015 Toyota Yaris in the UAE

The new Yaris does exactly what it has been doing for years, but now goes about it with a bit of added flair. Just look at that orange paintjob. It’s probably the first Yaris we wouldn’t mind being seen in. More in the full review.

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  1. How I wish they store a turbo engine! Atleast 1.6 turbo!!!!

  2. it looks better than the older versions for sure but is an awful car to be driven around

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