2015 Toyota Camry facelift makes global debut

2015 Toyota Camry facelift makes global debut

Toyota have officially revealed the 2015 Camry in Moscow, Russia. This is the “global” version, different from the one that was unveiled in the United States earlier this year, and most likely the car we are going to get.

The main differences for the 2015 Camry can be seen in the front fascia which looks more aggressive now with its new grille, LED headlights and new bumper design. The rear bumper shape has been updated as well.

The inside is pretty much the same with minor updates such as a new three-spoke steering wheel and a redesigned centre console.

The engine specs will most likely be carried over from the previous year model, which is the 181 hp 4-cylinder 2.5-litre engine.

The 2015 Toyota Camry was expected to make its debut in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other GCC countries by the end of the year, but the word now is it will come here only as a 2016 model.

Keep track of the latest prices and updates in the Toyota Camry buyer guide.

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  1. jumbo size of toyota corolla, good job toyota

  2. The front bumper design and fog lights mimics Darth Vader’s face plate…or maybe a Storm Troopers?

  3. the american version looked stunning… this is jst meh.

  4. Why Americans enjoy the better options always…. Was soo excited about the new camry but this version is soo disappointing…. :-!

  5. looks ok to me on the outside.

    the inside looks very very dated, though..

  6. Then what about the Aurion. Actually we get the Global Camry in the name of Aurion..

  7. wow!!! our taxi looks better!!!

  8. looks like the aurion?

  9. Very disappointed indeed. I was waiting for the US Camry, instead they are sending us the outdated Russian Camry, or Aurion skinned Taxi 🙁

    Honda Accord as well is going Chinese! … Remaining option is Mazda 6 or Nissan Altima.

  10. The usual Toyota shitty design

  11. The rear is a carbon copy of the Accord. The front is lifted out of star wars. The interior is garbage. Overall its a turd on wheels.

  12. My POV…each car companies been decrease their concept cars made , so they show their muscles power in changing the design for many famous cars each 2 years

    I know Olympic event happened each 4 years same as world cup! once they really will begin to change the design for every cars every two year so what will we give a thumbs of like on it? same for Olympic and world cup if it will takes place every 2 years people will begin to get sick about it.

    • That’s a facelift, not a redesign.. Only minor changes. Plus this is a product, not an event or festival, simply no one wants his brand new car to look like a 3 year old car..

  13. What the Hell, this looks like current Aurion

  14. Saw this is in shj yesterday with omani number plate still confused if it was Aurion or camry.. front was excatly the same

  15. This is the new GCC version of Aurion, we will be still getting the American look (Aussie built) Camry.

  16. i hate to see this ….

    dump the aussie camry and import the american one.

  17. Fit only for a taxi. Same dull and boring interiors. Considering the price you pay for it, there is not much info-tainment….Faux leather dashboard is so fragile.

  18. I was eagerly waiting for the new 2015 Camry. When Al-Futtaim said that the car will be the same; i got depressed. I bought Lexus LS430 Us spec. Happy with it but GAS cost is a pain in the ASS. The american Camry’s test drive reviews are very promising, but as one of the readers said, we get shitty in the GCC. The new Camry’s bumper looks very similar to an Aurion which actually released in other countries as “Camry”. How ironic!!. I wish Toyota Middle East will consider consumers reviews in that regard.

  19. I have the american model and i like the looks of this version

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